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Howard Hawks

One of Quentin Tarantino’s major influences. Possibly Hawks is to Tarantino what Michael Powell is to Martin Scorcese. In the screenplay for ‘Pulp Fiction’ the actors playing Pumpkin and Honey Bunny are required to talk in a fast paced ‘His Girl Friday’ fashion. One of Tarantino’s three main favourite movies (amongst ‘Blow Out’ and ‘Taxi Driver’) is ‘Rio Bravo’. At a National Film Theatre interview ten odd years back (broadcast on BBC Radio) he said that he first came across Hawks at a 48 hour comedy film festival. (You fall asleep during ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’ and you wake up during ‘Revenge of The Pink Panther’.) The film he saw was ‘Bringing Up Baby’ and he laughed and laughed and laughed. It is very funny, if ‘Some Like It Hot’ did not exist then the greatest American comedy would be ‘Bringing Up Baby’.

Let us not forget Tarantino’s other main influence, Brian De Palma, directed a remake of Hawks’s ‘Scarface’.

What do you think of Hawks? I’m no expert but what I have seen I do like. Like ‘Jackie Brown’ I would argue that ‘The Big Sleep’ is a ‘hang out’ movie. The plot does not matter because what makes the movie are the characters and the performances that create them. Last time I watched it I made the mistake of trying to follow the plot. My favourite scene in ‘The Big Sleep’ is the one at the rare books store. If you are new to Hawks then don’t watch his films for aesthetic uses of camera angles, editing and lighting. Rather just sit back and relax. Hawks would always position his camera at eye-level (his) and kept it mostly static (though ‘Scarface’ and ‘El Dorado’ have good tracking shots) to give you the feeling that you are hanging out with the characters. If you want beautiful cinematography in a Howard Hawks movie than watch Gregg Toland’s work for ‘Ball of Fire’. That one is also very funny.

The one’s I haven’t seen are

Rio Lobo; Red Line 7000; Man’s Favorite Sport?; Hatari!; Land of the Pharaohs; The Big Sky; A Song Is Born; Sergeant York; Come and Get It; The Road to Glory; Sutter’s Gold; Ceiling Zero; Barbary Coast; Twentieth Century; Viva Villa!; The Prizefighter and the Lady; Today We Live; La Foule hurle; Tiger Shark; The Crowd Roars;The Criminal Code; The Dawn Patrol; Trent’s Last Case; The Air Circus; Fazil; A Girl in Every Port; Paid to Love; The Cradle Snatchers; Fig Leaves; The Road to Glory. Yes I was lazy and cut and pasted them from the IMDb.

Rather stupidly a British terrestrial channel that goes by the name of ITV1 broadcast a colorised version of ‘Red River’. Cucking Funts!

I started watching The original Scarface but i put it off. It’s not that i didn’t like it I was just not in the mood for that. However, didn’t he direct Rio Bravo which is one of QT’ s favorite films. I’ll have to check that out

So far I’ve seen Rio Bravo, His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby, El Dorado, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I taped Scarface when it was on TCM two months ago but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I think I’ll watch it tonight. But so far every Hawks movie I’ve seen is great.

I’ve seen Eldorado, Rio Bravo, The thing from another world, The big sleep, Scarface, for the principal…

I love that director, he has a sensitive way to direct that few people of his generation had. For example, his masterpiece, Rio Bravo, is a western like noone has done before. The master for western at th etime was Ford, compare him to Hawks, and you will see the difference between the 2 styles. I like Ford, he’s a great director, but his style hasn’t the same impact on me compared to Hawks…

“The thing from another world”, was my first exposure to Hawks. The pacing was incredible, it totally blew me away. The movie still effects me the same way. I love it for it’s writing style more these days than it’s genre. Rio Bravo is a masterpiece in my eyes. The ability to get the performance he got out of Dean Martin is a major accomplishment. Martin was incredible in the bar scene, again incredible movie.

I can see what Tarantino see’s in Hawks. I never realized he did so many movies I have seen. Cool

Howard Hawks is a genius beyond recognition, one of my favorites, his films have what i want so badly it frightens me

i own:

The Big Sleep

To Have and Have Not

The Thing (if you wanna count that)

Rio Bravo (the best american non-ford western there is, better than High Noon if you ask me)

El Dorado

His Girl Friday

Scarface (better than remake, and i love the remake)

ive seen a whole bunch of others but havent got to buying or downloading them

I watched The Thing from Another World on TCM for the first time last night. It was pretty cool. The guy who presented it hinted that it was actually Hawks who directed the film. The reason Christian Nyby is credited as director is because a Sci-Fi film would have ruined Hawks’ reputation at that time. And the reason Nyby accepted the credit is because he wanted a Director’s Guild card.

[quote=“Johny_Exhale”]Rio Bravo (the best american non-ford western there is, better than High Noon if you ask me)

And of course made as a response to ‘High Noon’ since Hawks could not believe that a sheriff could be so unprofessional. Try to see, if you can, ‘Bringing Up Baby’ and ‘I Was A Male War Bride’. They are laugh out loud funny.

“Why are you wearing those ridiculous clothes?”

Be-cause I just went GAY! all of a sudden!”

I’ve been watching all my Hawks videos from ‘Scarface’ to ‘El Dorado’ during the past few days whilst my DVD player is being repaired. An enjoyable experience, I’d thoroughly recommend it. One film that stood out for me was the fantastic western ‘Red River’. If you think ‘Rio Bravo’ is good then ‘Red River’ will blow you away. As the film progresses John Wayne becomes more and more frightening. He is a maniac. His performance was so good it caused John Ford to say, “My God! I didn’t know that son-of-a-bitch could act!” ‘Red River’ (released in 1948) must have influenced Ford because he cast John Wayne as the terrifying Ethan Edwards in ‘The Searchers’ in 1956.

Im a big fan of Hawks too. Ive seen several of his films, but not all of them of course. My favorites are: Scarface, Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, The Big Sleep, The Thing From Another World, Red River, Rio Bravo, El Dorado, Mans Favorite Sport?, Hatari, Red Line 7000, Rio Lobo.

Rio Bravo is one of my all time favorite films. Ive seen it probably 100 times and I still could watch it again and again. Its pretty much a perfect film. Not to mention an excellent Western.

I love Bringing Up Baby and Mans Favorite Sport as far as his screwball comedies go. They are just hilarious.

Managed to see ‘The Big Sky’ with Kirk Douglas last week. Not bad but not as good as ‘Red River’.

I love Rio Bravo and The big sleep… i can’t remember any other of his movies right now…

‘Rio Bravo,’ Still Popular and Hip at 50