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How to start writing again?

I haven’t written anything in MONTHS. Close to a year. I have a script, sitting, waiting to be worked on and it needs a lot of work. Everything is worked out in my mind. BUT, I can’t seem to sit down and write anything.

Granted, I’ve got other things going on in my life. But, they are calming down somewhat. Life’s distractions really take away from creativity.

Anyone going thru this? Any hints on how to get back on the writing kick?

Yeah, I feel that way some days. I basically just force myself to start writing and usually get back into the flow. Sometimes I’ll just go back to the beginning of the script or pull out some old forgotten story and scan for gramattical errors. Usually I’m completely re-working entire scenes and getting back into the “vibe” of that particular story before I even realize it.

When I was in college I went into a dry-spell with the ladies. An old buddy of mine told me that I needed a slump-buster to break the spell. She was a real beauty…but she broke the slump. Same goes for writing - a simple short story will do the trick.

I’d say set aside a slot of time for it, once a week or whatever suits you and make yourself stick to it. That way there are no distractions and you can concentrate on it fully. Some say you can’t force creativity but even just getting back into the way of writing something again might motivate you to continue.

I gotta go with Dex… Sit your ass down and start writing… Before long, the story will take you away again.