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How To Be Like

Just thought this topic in a whim. The idea is, you pick up a badass character from any movie of your choice, then give various hints on how one can imitate and copy the character’s actions & behaviour into his own life so that he becomes a cooler person. In other words, survival tips on how to transform yourself into a complete badass and score some chicks. I’ll start myself:

How To Be Like…Patrick Bateman [Movie: American Psycho]

1.) You should start to enter your working place listening to “I’m Walking On Sunshine” on your Ipod, everyday.

2.) You should start over-analysing Whitney Houston songs. Somewhere in between those lyrics, there lies the solution to all the world’s problems.

3.) The first sentence you should utter to a girl on a first date should be “I want you to clean your vagina”.

4.) If a co-worker has a crappier business card than you do, laugh at him. If a co-worker has a cooler business card than you do, kill him.

5.) Start practicing some cool ways of killing people by running completely naked in a hotel corridor with a chainsaw in your hand.

6.) Go to your nearest ATM machine and write “Feed Me A Stray Cat” on it using a permanent marker.

7.) The only things you ever watch on your tv are “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and porn.

8.) Your answer to every question should become “I have to return some videotapes”.

9.) Turn into a complete asshole overnight. If you’re already an asshole, turn into an asshole that murders people. For fun.

10.) Stop eating at all the restaurants which are not named “Dorsia”. That includes Burger King and McDonalds.

How to be like Tom Cruise:

Join a religious cult.

Pretend to be a heterosexual and marry some really hot actress to complete the image.

Lambast the medical community for helping people with chemical imbalances.

“Respect the Cock!” becomes a catch phrase that you know all too well.

Go on Oprah Winfrey and make an ass out of yourself.

lol. Tom Cruise…

How to be like…Belmondo (if you never heard about this french actor don’t tell me-I rather not know)


2.Fuck only ONE girl by movie, no more(well maybe he does in some movie I’ve never seen)

3.Light your Zippo with STYLE

4.Light your smokes with style

5.Shut off your Zippo with style

6.Kick cops asses like they’re toys

7.Show you’ve got some values

8.Show your big muscles to the camera

How to be MacReady

( played by Kurt Russell in the thing )

  1. when you lose at chess to your computer poor liquor into the computer destroying it then call it a cheating bitch

  2. have no fear of death whatsoever

  3. be willing to take a blowtorch to your friends if necessary

  4. if you have an argument with your friends strap dynamite to yourself and threaten to blow everyone up ( this always works )

How to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger:

  • run for governor of California and win the vote
  • vacation to and save the planet Mars
  • save the world from cybernetic organisims from the future
  • before departing, tell everyone that you meet that you’ll be back…
  • get cloned unintenionally and stop him from taking over your life
  • get to the chopper!!
  • save your daughter from a guy who likes to wear chainmail
  • become a barbarian AND a destroyer
  • stop Satin from taking over the world by means of death
  • save your son’s Christmas by becoming a super hero
  • teach a kindergarden class
  • become partners with John Belushi on a police squad
  • become framed for murder and fight for your life on a television show
  • lie to your wife about being in the computer business whilst being a spy
  • have a twin brother that is shorter and fatter than you
  • erase other people’s lives
  • have an arch enemy with a ‘smiley face’ for a eye
  • become pregnant
  • smoke marijuana after a long, strenuous work out

Umm I dont believe there are still no post in this topic about any QT character! LEt’s do at least one, please add more!

How to be…Mr:White:

1.Be a professional bank robber, but still have human feelings

2.Don’t know how to light a Zippo lighter

3.Trust cops when you don’t know they are cops

4.Say “Let’s get a taco” whenever you just did a cool speech about cutting off fingers

5.Tell your name and where you’re from to bleeding people

6.Point a gun at your boss if he wants to hurt your buddy

There’s probably a lot more to say, I hope you guys are gonna add to this!

how to be like samuel l jackson



[quote=“mr blonde_22”]
how to be like samuel l jackson



how to be a censored tony soprano

Haha, great. The scene with Meadow was exactly like they always are

Yeah, that was pretty freakin’ funny.

How to be like…Belmondo (if you never heard about this french actor don’t tell me-I rather not know)


That sounds like Chow Yun-Fat to me, lol :wink:

Scarface, do more of this stuff! 8) Funny shit.

How to be like Courtney Love:

Suck lots of dick

shoot up lots of heroin

suck more dick

shoot husband and make it look like suicide

suck more dick :frowning:

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
How to be like Courtney Love:

Suck lots of dick

shoot up lots of heroin

suck more dick

shoot husband and make it look like suicide

suck more dick :frowning:


How to be like Quentin Tarantino

  • Grow a large Chin
  • Work in a Video store
  • Say alright after each sentence
  • Watch three movies a day
  • Talk about filthy pigs and charming dogs
  • Collect and read about history of cereal boxes
  • Don’t go to Burger King
  • Re name yourself Quentin Tarantino
  • Win an Oscar
  • Pretend you’re black around black people
  • Talk about Madonna’s real meaning behind her lyrics
  • Get a Jukebox named AMi
  • Say ‘‘Uh Huh’’ while somebody’s talking so they understand that you’re listening
  • Drink sugar with coffee (not coffee with sugar), and don’t be satisfied until the spoon can stand on it’s own.

[quote=“Stuntman Max”]

  • Say alright after each sentence

I have a bad habit of doing this as well. ;D

Good to see this topic back on. I’ll have to come up with more. -but of course, all you’d ever really need to be like is Arnold Schwarzenegger…

How to be like John Bender:

-Smoke pot in detention

-Make fun of the Principal’s clothes

-Carry a switchblade with you

-Say “fuck”,“shit”, or “asshole” in every sentence

-Keep your pot in a nerds underwear

-If you father gives you a carton of cigarettes for christmas

How to be Michael Bay

  • Talk with a nasal voice that makes people around you wanna punch in the face
  • Only talk about how groundbreaking effects there’s in your latest movie
  • Grow horse teeth and a ugly fucking nose
  • Make bad movies that costs 200 millions dollars
  • Forget everything you know about story structure and screenwriting
  • Use 14 cameras to film a person open a door. 5 for slow-mo’s and 6 for close ups of hands, 2 in the weirdest angle you can imagine and 1 from a helicopter that flies in circles around the thing the door is attached to. and always a a longshot with a sunset in the background no matter what time it is in the day.
  • Bribe your actors to say you’re a good director