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How shocking are Quentin Tarantino's films for audiences unfamiliar with him?


KillBill gave me the shock of my life, I had never seen a QT film before and I was totally shocked by the violence (It was 2 in the afternoon) but I knew that the film was amazing and I went out the next day and got all his films (although it took me a while to get the courage to watch them).


My reaction was the same with the first few tarantino movies. Especially with PF and RD, the first time I viewed them, I didn’t know what to think…if it was good or bad, or just too wierd. I had to watch his films about 3 times to finally understand the brilliance!


When I saw Kill Bill vol. 1 at the cinema, two girls actually left the theatre! I think it was during O-Rens heritage, but i don´t remember. Yes, his movies includes a lot of violence but i don´t think it´s that shocking!


When I first saw Pulp Fiction I didn’t find it shocking. My mum left the room and ‘forgot’ to come back though! I don’t find Tarantino’s films that shocking on the whole - I used to be not able to watch the whole Zed/Marsellus rape scene but now I am okay with it. Now they are just brilliant films!


I would like to first start by admiting to being a victem of rape myself. So before and after this act, I have seen this film. I understand the rape scene in Pulp Fiction to learning through mistreatment who your true friend is. If it takes your enemy to save you in order to forgive his betrayal, then you’ve been freed from the enslavement of the hatered between you two. My admitance is soley that of the need for false comfort, for it was a relationship likened to that of Ike and Tina Turner. Although abusive, one may find comfort in ones enslavor, which was the case.


I was never shocked by any of Tarantino’s work.

I was fucking BLOWN AWAY.


I first saw reservoir dogs, on video, in 93, I was 15, but the violence didn´t shock me.

Still after seeing films like Starwars, Indy, Topgun etc. growing up, films like True romance, Natural born killers, Trainspotting, Clerks were a mind blowing expansion to what was possible in movies, to me. From Pulp fiction onwards I saw everything in the cinema.

I never see the violence of QT films as acts of stupid violence, it puts a smile on my face but that´s also cuz of the great dialogue, themes and morality in many of the movies. If you don´t get that or the dark humour the films are violent and messy.

I once saw a version of FDTD with most of the dialogue cut out (it was a cheap german video release) so all is left is violence and vampires, it makes no sense at all, isn´t funny and is very stupid then.

But to answer the original question, first time I saw Marvin Nash´s ear cut off I laughed my ass off! I didn´t see it as violence, I immediately saw the brilliance and dark humour through it I guess…


I dunno if i ever found any of his stuff shocking the first time i saw them. i got into tarantino when i was about 10 or 11 coz i had an older brother. i guess pulp fiction wouldve been the first one i saw coz dogs took ages to come out on video coz of the ban or something (in england). i dont think i fully understood the rape scene and being a kid i think i just found it funny, coz u know its the kind of stuff youd diss your friends with ‘you wanna get fucked in the arse, hurgh hurgh’

dogs was talked about so much in england that by the time i saw it i was surprised at how unviolent it was compared to what people wrote about it, it was a tarantino trait until kill bill that all the violence was pretty much off screen (e.g. the ear cutting, the sword scene in pulp, the bullet hitting melanie in jackie brown). i think true romance probably shocked me more coz it was more explicit when drexl gets shot in the nuts. i was always watching big dumb eighties action movies growing up so movie violence was already kind of unreal to me, the things that shocked me most were the bit in indiana jones and the last crusade when that guy just ages to death rapidly, the bit in nightmare on elmstreet where that girls belly rips open and gets flung around the room and that fucking clown in ‘it’! human violence didnt really shock me. stop-motion movement and lil kids with evil slow-motion voices still freak me out!


Before I even knew who Quentin Tarantino was I was just so agitated and bored with the movies that were around. I was around 15 or 16 when I was hooked on Resident Evil games, I developed such a taste for gore that was never satisfied by any film out there, especially by the first Resident Evil, I still like it but they pussied out on the gore! It was around late 2003 when Kill Bill Vol.I came out on DVD, my brother rented the film, and around that time I wasen’t even into movies. But after I watched it, this piece of brilliance changed my life forever, it sounds stupid but now that I look back it really did. I had never seen a movie with non-linear structure. But the structure was the least of my obsession with Kill Bill Vol.I, which I kid you not watched more than 30 times! My mother hates it though, she thinks it’s way too violent. She’ll never understand.

Man but every scene just blew my fucking mind away, It was the first time in my life that I got hooked up on a movie. Then I watched the Tarantino trailers on the special features, I immidiately rented Pulp Fiction. . .and the rest is history. I’ve been a QT fan for 4 years. QT is my Yoda :’( Sorry that was lame.


I was around 15 or 16 when I was hooked on Resident Evil games, I developed such a taste for gore that was never satisfied by any film out there, especially by the first Resident Evil, I still like it but they pussied out on the gore!

Whenever you need to quench your thrist for gore, just watch Dead Alive.

Works everytime.


i first watched pulp and reservoir one weekend when i hired them both when each of them had finished all i copuld muster was a simple WTF? i couldn’t believe how good they were so i sat up all night and watched them again. Did the same thing with fight club