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How many times have you seen Vol 2? *spoiler?*

I’ve seen it 7 1/2 times. The 1/2 time was cos I was with this girl my 8th time and once Elle’s eye plopped out, she was out. Anyway, the reason so many times, is because my friend’s work at the theaters and I get to see it free (except fo on weekends, so I DID pay 3 times)…and I’ve been totally free of homework and this girl kind of “let me go” this past weekend, so I’ve just been chillin’, watching a shitload of Kill Bill and other QT stuff.

Tommorrow will be my 4th time tieing my record for Vol 1. :slight_smile:


I saw Volume 1 five times in the theater, but that was right in the middle of my semester, not to mention it couldn’t have stayed in theaters any longer than 3 weeks.

Since this one will be around longer, and I only have two actual finals (yeahhh), I’ll probably end up seeing it about twice as much.

Sunday will be my third time seeing it.

Hopefully I can convince my friends to see it with me.

1 so far, but I plan on seeing it at least 4 or 5 more times. I saw Volume 1 six times mostly due to the fact that I had a free pass, but those bastards that I have the pass to haven’t started showing Volume 2 yet (even though they had the poster hanging up weeks before it came out). I’m gonna see it this weekend at least once and hopefully those cockmasters will be showin Volume 2 so I can get in for free.

I’ve only seen it once. I might see it a second time just because I liked it so much, but seeing anything more then once in the theatre is just not my thing. I dunno what you guys are paying for movie tickets, but in my area it’s $9.50 which I believe is a rip off no matter how good the movie is. For $9.50 I think they should at least serve beer (that would probably cost an arm and a leg too) or maybe offer more comfortable seating. It’d be ideal if the seating was set up so you could utilize 2 seats and maybe lay down while you watch the movie, but they might be asking for too much.

I’ll probably just wait till it comes out on DVD then watch it over and over.

I just found out that Volume 1 is playing at the ghetto $1.50 theater near me, so i’m excited as hell. Maybe i’ll go see Volume 1 tomorrow nite and then see Volume 2 in a normal theater. beotch

Wow, 9.50? The real nice theater here is 4.50. But yeah, I see movies for free anyway, but if it were 9.50, I wouldn’t go more than once or twice if I had to pay, that’s bullshit.

only once but i may see it another time

twice. I usually see it the first time for pure enjoyment and to settle my anxiousness and anticipation for it to be released. Then I see it a 2nd time (if a movie is worth it) for the bloopers/ quirky shit they put in. BTW who ever posted to watch the VERY end of the credits…I did - it’s funny but not funny but funny…meh…it’s a blooper of Uma doing the eye poke thingy to a Crazy 88. Worth a look.

Might not see it again till I get my dvd copy…simply b/c I have no money and I’m enjoying the fact that I haven’t paid once to see KB2 (1: I had a gift card thing and 2: I got a free KB2 ticket from an Austar aussie cable / Showtime comp.)

1 1/2… went to see it again yesterday and when we got to Pei Mei… it broke. The screen went black but we could still here everything. So we got 2 free tickets each and coupons for free soda and popcorn. Cool shit.

Twice so far but I got a couple of friends who still havn’t seen it yet so we’re gonna go see it again!!!

I thought it was better the second time around as well…

Twice. I plan on seeing it once a weekend until it ain’t in theaters anymore. This wknd I plan to see V1 at cheap theatre followed immediately by V2

5 times so far. Was gonna go tonight again, to celebrate Uma’s birthday, but went last night and I need some sleep tonight, lol.

just got back from my 7th

three times

seen it as many times as vol 1

now i broken down and bought the dvd and i and watchin that continuously

Wow, why pay to see a movie 6 or 7 times, Spending $70 on a movie is absolutely retarded, I don’t care what it is. I paid $13.50 for it on opening weekend, then just downloaded it, and been watching little bits of it here and there.

Yeah 7 times is just too much. I pay 10$ for the cinema so i dont have that luxury.

Anyway i saw the movie once and i will definately see it again and maybe a third time (i saw volume 1 three times in the theater).

Then ill probably get the DVD even though i want to wait for the Special Edition KILL BILL (1+2 combined) DVD


8 times here, I paid 4 times… Other times i sneak in after watching Man On fire, Hellboy,Punisher… But gotta love Kill Bill vol 2 better!!