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How Many Times Have YOU Seen Grindhouse?

How often have you seen it (you can change at all times)

  • Once
  • Twice
  • Tres veces, amigos!
  • Four times!
  • Five times
  • More than five times, I work at the multiplexx, suckaas!

0 voters

3 for me and planning to go again quick

PS: I missed you guys! :smiley:


If it’s still here next week, I’ll go for a last time.

twice, and if Hot Fuzz doesn’t come to my theatre this week, I might occupy myself and bring some friends that hasn’t seen it yet

Twice for me also.

Zero, I’ve seen it zero fucking times. I am going to set the theater on fire!!! Burn in hell you pg lovin fucktwats!!!

3 times for me as well! 1 with a couple of friends, 2 with my girlfriend, 3 with my uncle.


3 times, and more coming up, biaaatches. take everyone you know, all your buddies, family and grandmummies

definatly my grandmummies

0 times :’( I’ll have to wait a little longer over here. In the mean time, I’ll try and avoid some of the Grind House topics that could contain spoilers…

I went twice. I may go once more before its gone.

Have to wait until May 10 (At least it isn’t May 31 anymore) here in Australia. I plan on going at least three times at the cinemas and at least once more at the drive-in though. How come Australia gets Grindhouse before the UK now? That doesn’t happen too often I don’t think.

Once(btw my Grindhouse ticket says #1)

i have to wait more than 2 more months.

once and my ticket said number one also… lol

Huh, 300 beat out Grindhouse. Grindhouse is gone and 300 is still there… dammit, I wanted to see it for a third time.

I’ve seen it five times in theatres and three subsequent times on a bootleg DVD.

0!!! :-</E>

Once(btw my Grindhouse ticket says #1)


Seen it twice. Going back for a third when it hits the ol’ buck fifty theatre.

Well for some reason, IMDB no longer lists an Australian release date and it is also gone from the cinema websites. What the fuck happened? I really hope this is just a minor bump and it still gets released 10 May.

I’ve seen it twice in theaters, and once on a bootleg copy.

P.S. Sean, check your myspace inbox