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How I got banned from the Sherdog forums (A MUST READ!)

Ok so I got banned from the Sherdog forums weeks ago. Although Im pissed that I got banned its fucking hillarious at what I got banned for. Click the link and read all the posts and I guarantee you will be laughing your arse off.

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I think this must be the greatest thread ever posted on the internet. Oh and Im the one who started the thread (thedicamillo).

At first I read “Herzog” forums, I was like “WTF???”. Then I clicked and read John Cena, and lost all interest.

Could have been funny and entertaining if it wasn’t more than 7 pages though!

I guess its only funny to people who watch MMA and Pro Wrestling.

I watch it when it’s on TV and I’m with friends. But it’s very rare in France and we get the stuff 1 year later anyway.

Wow we only get it 1 week later over here.