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How do you do a 70s/80s horror look

I’m making a movie in 3 parts, and the last part i want it to look like it came out of a 70s and 80s movie. I want it to be in color though, so does anyone know what would make it look like a 70s and 80s color slasher film. I will edit this on final cut so i was wondering if i will use color correction filters and if i do what do it do or if its just lighting techniques then how will i set up the lighting to make it look like that time period, and if its both color correction and lighting how will i use those both together to make it look like a 70s and 80s teen slasher movie look.

Make the white slughtly grey or yellow-ish and the black very dark grey with shades of green init, and the picture should be a little fuzzy.

thanks for your help :slight_smile: