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How did Clarence get shot?

we all know he got shot in the eye (his eye is coverd with blood and hes wearing an eyepatch at the end)

but why didnt the bullet go through his head? did he get shot sideways? we never really see him get shot just him falling to the ground

in the final voice over alabama says something like he died if that bullet would of been 2 inches to the left

somebody draw me a picture

my guess

haha, thats a good looking picture, maybe you can sell it

yeah, people on ebay are prepared to do the most disgusting things for it

People at ebay dont know how to appriciate fine art, sell it to a museum


My geuss:

Bullet Assasination JFK style

haha i should sue you

I personaly think mines better

Ok great art work but back at the question at hand.

Clarence was grazed by the bullet and caused some serious nerve damage and the loss of use of his eye.