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How are you affected?

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Was This Fake (WTF).

Well, it’d better be.

Every emotional expression is worth its salt.

what the fuck actually. you are a hippie freak

Hahaha, made you curse, on a subliminal level.

Thanks for your remark Mike, actually new subliminal technology is in the works for future experiments.

WTF was a valid remark though.

It not subliminal though, it says fuck quite clearly there

Correct Answer.

Subject A never saw any subliminals.

Subject A clearly is fucked.


Normally I don’t like to have a go at members and all that stuff, but Trelenkas that was fucking random.

You gotta make more sense cos you’re posts just seem like pointless spam. Doin’t waste our time OK?

didnt get the point

wtf was it about?

Trelenkas, are you on crack? Say no to drugs, buddy. :wink: