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His Brilliance

Did any1 notice all the films he does are two words?!!?!!?!

not exactly a secret. but what if he had actually made Natural Born Killers (3 words), or had directed From Dusk Till Dawn (4 words) himself? I say its a coincidence. two words are just really enough for a movie title. most movies out there don’t have many words

some examples: Apocalypse Now (2), John Rambo (2), Ed Wood (2), Miller’s Crossing (2), Death Wish (2), Fight club (2), Casino Royale (2), Starship Troopers (2) etc… :wink:

Ive noticed most of Brian DePalmas films have two word titles too. Coincidence or intended by QT to pattern his film titles after one of his fave directors? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

i’ve noticed too that there’s a difference of 3 between the number of the consonants and the vowels of 3 of his movies. Look:

reservoir dogs: 5v, 8c

pulp fiction: 4v, 7c

jackie brown: 4v, 7c

Coincidence or intended by QT to underline this number “3”? we’ll never know…

but i guess this is brilliant…

I wouldn’t go so far as to say his use of two-word titles is a testament to his brilliance, but I think it’s pretty cool that he has stuck to that habbit and hope he carries on doing so (Inglorious Bastards). Even his CSI episode was two-words (Grave Danger). I love how he has a lot of constants in his films. Death Proof seems to be a bit of the exception (possibly purposeful) with some of his usual trademarks being reversed (“engine shot” instead of “trunk shot”, chicks talking about shit around a table rather than guys, absence of a black and white suit)

one word fellas: coincidence

Didn’t he say in some interview that he wanted all his movies to have two words in the title? And that it came in handy that he didn’t make NBK and FDTD himself so this line wouldn’t be screwed up? I kinda remember him saying that somewhere…

hmm, you’re all serious or it’s a joke? i’m starting to doubt ;D

I was being serious. I think QT does everything for a reason. Having two word film titles isnt a coincidence. Its on purpose.

The vowel thing is a bit much. I doubt he counts the vowels in his titles.

ah ok. Then :-X heh

(i was kidding about the vowels =-X)

That’s a very nifty thing to do.

Wouldn’t it be cool if he hired Olivia Thirlby! :o

She’s like the new Faye Dunaway of movies!

ah ok. Then :-X heh

(i was kidding about the vowels =-X)

You like to kiss people!

sorry if I don’t make you laugh, it seems my humor fails… :embarassed: