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Hidden Messages

Hey guys. Im new to this forum, but I’m in love with Reservoir dogs. I don’t know if someone has started a topic about this, but i wanna know what hidden messages people see when they watch the movie. I’ve seen bits and peices all over, and i have my own ideas. I’ll explain some of mine later, hope to hear some of other peoples, obvious ones or not!

hidden messages? like clues?

Sure, like, when mr. white and mr. pink are talking in the warehouse washroom, there are a bunch of soaps or liguids behind them. The white and pink soaps are together and the orange one is by itself, maybe showing or orange is the rat.

Or my own beleif, that, for example, When Orange met up with Holaway, he mentions how Mr.White was talking about some milwalkie sports team winning the night before. He tells holaway this becuase it hints to Mr.Whites hometown. But later, when we see Mr.Orange in his apartment getting ready, when he picks up the keys, there is acloseup of the keys and a sports magazine they’re sitting on, meanign that maybe Mr.Orange lied for White because he was bonding with him. I dunno. Just enjoy analysing junk. :wink:

He lies for him because he loves him. LoL.

I personally can not get enough of this movie. It’s hot… and totally different. I love the critics commentary tracks on the SE DVD… they talk about how RD put blood back into the media after this bloodless war we had… it was visceral… it was white-on-white crime… just a group of bad men… but they aren’t “bad” you care about them.

I love orange to death. I wish sometimes that I could pick at the script and learn more about each character, but the deal is that we’ve got to come up with it on our own. I’d do Orange though.

Umm… hidden messages? I’ve noticed the embalming bottles before… I like the idea that NGE was in cahoots with “snake charmer” bill… but that really might have just been coincidence.

I like the idea… though not really a hidden message, that Orange was faking being scared with white in the begining… because after he kills blonde he’s one collected motherfucker… kind of interesting… I don’t know.

I love that there are other girls obsessed with this one. I thought for a while that I was the nly one in the world… lol.

Lol, your definitly not alone. This movie is by far the best movie i have ever seen, i can jsut watch it over and over. And one of the things i love about it is that you can just keep analysing stuff. Like, it took me a few watches to notice the coffins standing all over the palce in the warehouse. I still haven’t counted them all, because of all the angel changes, its hard to know for sure. I think theres either 5 or 7. Maybe its just more forshading of whats to come, with the shoting of blonde, the cop, the mexican show down and white and orange.

[quote] i can jsut watch it over and over[/quote]
y’see, because I feel the same way as you two, that’s why I can’t watch the film very often. I love it too much to watch it too much. I guess it’s just different ways of expressing the same thing. Or something. Hidden messages? I’ll have to think about that one. But me and my best friend did spend a Chemistry class re-enacting the film with measuring cylinders…

ah man that’s it i watched it the other day and the whole time i was too busy concentrating on what hidden messages there were lol