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HELP.How to sell a screenplay?

???Hi everybody.I really need help.?Who buy it?How much do they usually want for one and it depends on what?The point is-i dont know anything about it.

Thanks,body,its a good stuff. Thank you

A spec script can range anywhere from $50, to $10,000,000.

A spec script can range anywhere from $50, to $10,000,000.

10,000,000 … yeah, a Charly Kaufman spec script lol

When David Koepp was an unknown, he sold his first script for $5 million dollars.

Anything less than half a million is an insult!

Selling a screenplay is harder than selling an indie film. It may be better to try to make a film (perhaps about something else) and exhibit it…for one week in either of NYC or LA, followed by a broader distribution. Once you have some experience in showbiz, it is easier to get taken seriously.