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Have you ever noticed

Have you ever noticed that in death proof there is a lot of product pimping?

Red Apples

Big Red

QT Pimps his fav movie mags

Big Kahuna Burger

Also noticed one of the girls drinking from a soft drinks cup with “The Acuna Boys” advertised on it.

Loads more in the film and how things are strategically placed in the film.

Love all these small things… really makes you look for the next.

Hes keeping that QT Universe thing going thru all his movies which is cool.

One of the television shows Stuntman Mike mentions as working on was "The Virginian 1962. Kurt Russell appeared twice on the show.

The cops in the hospital after Stuntman Mike crashes his car for the first time are the cops in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 who report to the scene of the wedding day massacre. They are played by real-life father-son team Michael Parks and James Parks .

i love how he ties things like this in!!

here’s a cool triva page didn’t notice alot of things on here!it quite interesting