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Has any1 seen this Blaxploitation movie?

Boss N*****! Fred Williamson starred in it! Has any1 seen it and tell me if it is as good as the trailer or good enough to buy it!

Nope, haven’t seen it.

Along with:

The Legend of “Jigga” Charly


The Soul of “Jigga” Charly

These movies are impossible to find. And if they do happen to get DVD releases, expect some title changes.

^ I found some Boss N****** on ebay! Also on the Wiki page of it, it has “The Boss” as another title that it had in some citys when it came out! So IDK!

If im correct, i believe Boss nigger is cut(dont they bleep words out?)

^ I hope not. The trailer is the funniest thing! LOL!

Yeah, I want to get that title song

^ LOL!