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I for one am THRILLED at what is seems like Tarantino’s ‘flying by the seat of his pants’ approach so far. Scenes cut, scenes written on the fly, scenes shot on the fly. This is all referring to the …groan… Mo Dat or whatever the fuck his stupid ass name is fight scene. Yeah sure the scene harry wrote up that was being filmed WAS weak but improv in movies usually house some of the best moments.

this one goes out to that ‘special’ someone out there: the cutting the whole gambling scene…RIDICULOUS. Would have, should have, could have been the greatest intro to a character in Kill Bill but alas… he plays the flute now.

That gambling scene was sweet. I love how he said “Well she knows you.”

I agree with you Frenchie, I don’t see any excuse for cutting that brilliant scene…he better come up with something damn asskicking to replace it, but the Da Moe (I believe that was his stupid-ass name) scene doesn’t sound all too incredible. I’m still quite sure that Kill Bill will be fantastic, but my heart bleeds at the loss of such a magnificent little chapter. Yuki’s Revenge, on the other hand, is good riddance as far as I’m concerned. It wasn’t anything special on paper.

“Got a nose problem ?”

Another classic line thrown away…sighs

You guys are like a bunch of whiny bitches. I think thats RIDICULOUS.

How ya like dem apples?

David Carradine plays the flute for two reasons you dumbass:

  1. He played it in Sam Peckinpahs 1975 film Cross of Iron
  2. He played the flute in Kung Fu.

    The whole campfirte scene sounds AWESOME. I think its a great thing to have Bill playing the flute over the story of Pai Mei.

    I for one am totally happy he cut that chapter out because I hate James Bond and I love Kung Fu, so its all good baby.

    Perl, just a word of advice : Stop talkin out your ass.

First off, Perl, your a little wet pussy, so shut up.

Second of all, if you guys dont like the way QT is making Kill Bill, um how can I put this bluntly?..


Whine Bitch Whine Bitch Whine Bitch

What are you guys gonna do? Cry because QT made some changes to the 222 page script? Ever think the script we have wasnt the final draft? Ever think at all?

This is a public forum, but I cant stand listening to people badmouth QT like this. I gotta say somethin. You guys gotta grow some balls or take your stupid antics to the Michael Bay forum.

Chill, man, you’re being very un-Dude. And by the way, when the Cherry Pie-chapter was still in the script, you said it had nothing to do with James Bond. Now you say you’re glad it’s out because you don’t like Bond. Make up your mind, man, and stop adapting your opinion to the most convenient point of view at a particular moment in time. And most of all, stop slagging people off for thinking for themselves. Nobody here needs to take a walk.

It would be even cooler if QT pulled a Pulp Fiction and put it at the very end of the film. So it ends with The Bride getting killed. That would be so the bomb.

No no no no no no no no no! That would be SO SO wrong!

I want the ending to remain as it is in the draft - the Bride reunited with her child and that potentially heartbreaking scene where she cries tears of joy in the shower. The ending is where QT brings it all home and resolves all emotional issues for the Bride so she can go on living as a normal human being again.

I wonder - do any of you think that QT pulled a fast one on us with the name Beatrix Kiddo? Wouldn't it be quite a surprise if it turned out he named her something else entirely?

i think the movie should be so different from my copy of the script that i am totally blown away.

beatrix kiddo is a great name though, i mean, its a reference to a Jet Li samurai movie though.

hey toothpick & co… take it easy fellers…

Hey, get it right everyone and do your homework. The movie was CIRCLE OF IRON aka THE SILENT FLUTE!!!

You can get a copy of the movie from eBary under David Carradine items.

And here’s another little tidbit. It was BRUCE LEE who co-wrote and was supposed to star in Circle of Iron. I’m glad David decided to do that movie, perhaps in his own way, he was doing a tribute to Bruce. They were like the Yin and Yang. David is calm and gentle in his approach to kung fu, while Bruce was macho and agressive. They balanced each other. I fine that to be a GREAT reference if you ask me.

And in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues you see Caine in a flashback talking to his son Peter and MAKING one of the long flutes!

It’s a wonderful scene and I am thrilled that Tarantino has chosen to put that scene in the movie. Only die hard David Carradine fans (and I’m one of them) would get the reference. I can’t wait to see it on the BIG screen. It will be awesome!



My bad, Circle of Iron. Harry said it was Circle of Iron then he said it was Cross of Iron, so I guess I got mixed up. Anyway the Silent Flute  is an AWESOME addition IMO. Im there 100%.

Tony, I did see the comparison to the James Bond movies, after it was pointed out to me. Dont make me out to be some follower of other peoples opinions because Im not. And yes, Im glad its been taken out because I dont like James Bond movies.

Opinions and bitching about stuff you have no clue about are two diff things.

I think certain posters should stop dissing every decision QT makes that differs from the 222 page draft. I trust QTs decisions on this film, plus its his movie. People need to choose a fuckin path and stop being a bunch of whiny pussies (Frenchie, Tony) everytime something changes. IMO your either for QT or against him. Make up your minds. Your basically saying that you dont trust QTs decisions on his own movie. Thats pretty retarded.

Plus these “Ridiculous” opinions are only being said because you dont know any history behind the sequences that were added. Oh no, Bill doesnt say “Jessica knows you”. Boo fuckin Hoo.



  • I like the flute scene idea.

  • I LOVE the Massacre at Two Pines idea.

  • That steadycam shot while Uma enters the House of Blue Leaves sounds awesome to me.

    Doesn’t exactly qualify as “dissing every decision QT makes”, does it ?

    No, I do not think any of my complaints are going to be heard. And to tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit either. Are you implying that you think your positive comments are going to have any influence on either the success of Kill Bill or QT’s career ? If the answer is yes, you need to get your head examined. If the answer is no, you need to draw your conclusions about your fellow poster’s motives to be on this forum.

    Furthermore, I think it’s no use discussing this any further with you. If QT would cast Piper Perabo as a bardancer in the Okinawa sake place, in a playful reference to that recent exploitation movie Coyote Ugly, I bet you’d still be cheering him on. After all, it’s his movie and we have to trust his decisions, right ? Now THAT is pretty retarded.

    Sure I think Quentin’s a great artist. Sure I’m jazzed to see Kill Bill. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t. Yet I feel free to question some ideas of his as well as get extatic about others. If that makes me a whiny pussy in your opinion, so be it. I’ll always be one, so you’re basically whining about stuff you have no control over.

I think what bugs me the most about this whole thing is the negativity/close mindedness towards what QT does. Instead of “Hey, that might be even better or a nice twist on things” I keep hearing “Thats ridiculous” or “Thats gonna suck if thats not in there”. To me, thats just bitching thats not needed here. I have no problem whatsoever with intelligent opinion, but this disrespecting of the guy whos actually making a movie we all want to see come to life is too fuckin much. I think your smart enough to know what I mean.

This is the guy that made Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, have some respect before you start dissing him for changing parts of a unfinished first draft script.

If Qt wants to do some improv scenes, I say more power to him. Instead of just putting him down for it, why not be positive about it and think artistically like him? Things can sometimes be made even better when things happen by mistake. Its all about exploring different avenues, you never know what greatness can come out of it.


You need to get out more. Get a woman!!!


[quote]“And by the way, when the Cherry Pie-chapter was still in the script, you said it had nothing to do with James Bond. Now you say you’re glad it’s out because you don’t like Bond. Make up your mind, man, and stop adapting your opinion to the most convenient point of view at a particular moment in time.”[/quote]

He’s only changing his opinion to match QT’s. Tarantino could shut down production on Kill Bill and Toothpick would say “I’m secretly glad he did, it was a bad script anyway.” However QT’s feeling one day, Toothpick will have to read it over at AICN and then blindly agree. That’s how he knows whats cool or not.

Word Mike.

Vic I never dissed QT ,all I did was say I liked a certain line. And that other post I made about you getting something wrong was obviously sarcastic.

Why do you feel this need to constantly attack? I guess it’s that time of the month.

Everybody should know by now, that a FIRST DRAFT script isn’t the FINAL script. There are always changes to a script where before what was thought to work turned out didn’t, so changes have to be made. Sometimes the movie is better for it, sometimes it’s not. That’s how movies and television shows are done. It’s rare when a first draft script is ever used without any changes.

Please, before you pass judgement, allow the man his due. He has his reasons for cutting or adding scenes to a movie. All great directors do. It’s nice to get these tidbits of information as to what goes on in a movie set. It’s real and fresh, and we get an idea into what is going on behind the scenes.

It really does not matter what scenes are cut or added, only that the movie is getting made. I would rather wait to see the finished product before passing judgement on the whole thing.

Though I like the references to other movies, televison shows, Bruce Lee, all that is second to just enjoying a great peak into making of a movie that I hope will blow people away at the box office. Wouldn’t it be a kicker if David Carradine was nominated for an Oscar and won? We will just all have to wait and see what happens.



It’s nice to read some level-headed posts for a change. All those unnecessary altercations and personal attacks can be avoided if everybody would just practise some humility. Someone once called the Internet the “home of the unbridled ego”, and this forum is sometimes the perfect example of that. An intransigent position or opinion can be justified if it is cogently argued, not rammed down our throats as if it were gospel. Most contributors on this forum are Americans but a number of others, myself included, are not. Though you may not care much about the rest of the world, consider the impression of Americans that you are giving.

Also, being an infrequent contributor to this forum as well as the AICN talkbacks, I find it hypocritical that Talkbackers are denigrated as “a bunch of fucking idiots” while some here are guilty of the same transgression of which they accuse others.

Its funny this post was totally positive until a special someone started talking shit about QT.

Im changing my opinion to go along with QT? Nahh not at all. Just because I think “Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?” wasnt a great chapter doesnt mean I want to see the rest of the chapters cut out.

Its funny how everyones suddenly jumping on me for actually sticking up for my favorite directors decisions on HIS FUCKIN MOVIE!!

As far as Im concerned all the naysayers can go suck a dick.

Mike, your a fuckin Michael Bay fanatic. Everything you say is like of zero importance here. Of course you jump on the bandwagon when everyone else starts talkin shit like the pussy you are. Heh.

I dont “constantly attack” anyone. Who did I attack yesterday? The day before? etc etc.

I only talk shit to the people that talk shit about QT, because after all, this is supposed to be a pro-QT post not a negative one.

Set Report 5

While reading this report I could really understand the way QT actually directs dialogue filled scenes. I think this is where his “Howard Hawks traits” come into play. As much as I love reading about all the action, theres something about the quieter talking heads scenes that pull you in, all the details of the characters come out. QT is great at them too, as seen in his previous works. Really cool. Harrys reports have been excellent so far, he really seems to be having a fun time. He makes you wish you could be there. I like the way this seems to be an “Exploitation film with heart” as Harry says. I cant wait to see what the film looks like.

Sonny Chibas daughter is in the film, thats pretty damn awesome.

Thanks to Harry for giving us this great info! :slight_smile:

To ambient: Im proud to be an American. Everything Ive said thus far I stand behind. Im not gonna apologize for anything Ive said. Call it my “unbridled ego” or anything else you want. Im here to talk about Kill Bill baby.

Oh and Kaursaman, who the f are you? Why do you pop in with one statement and then ::POOF:: leave? Was I talkin to you? No. So keep your dumb comments to yourself.

Here is a suggestion. CUT OUT ALL THE SWEARING!!! There could be children present reading these posts over their parent’s shoulders. You can review, complain, praise all you want, but please do not swear.

You tell a man he is something less than a man, and you say it often enough, even he will believe it. The price he pays for it is easy to see.

Would it not truly help . . . by offering first respect?

You can disagree, just disagree with reasonable respect and kindness.

I hear too much anger and not enough understanding.

So PLAY NICE CHILDREN or I am going to have to tell FATHER when he gets home.