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Guy ritchie's revolver


…if you loved lock stock and snatch and you’re in need of more where that came from here it is. ritchie fans’ll be in heaven. it’s ritchie’s slickest show yet, he’s really developed and grown as a filmmaker. he’s representing britain solidly. yes guy, you’re right up there with soderbergh and bay. so slick and wise. i don’t know if he meant to do them as a trilogy but to me revolver is the third movie in his british gangster series. a deliciously gorgeous visual feast. revolver rivals ocean’s 13 in terms of style and 13 is one of the coolest looking movies ever. in fact they’d make a killer double feature together. so beautiful. if you haven’t seen this one renew your ritchie vows and check it out. i loved the way ritchie paid glorious tribute to q.t.‘s kill bill with a mid-way japanimation sequence. it’s liota’s show all the way, a fevered performance, liota is well served by ritchie’s sense of color and audacity in his scenes. the restaurant scene is a classic and liota’s on a total roll, he was wicked in carnahan’s unbelievably fun smokin’ aces. big kudos to ritchie for stepping into the ring with revolver. london gold…