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I’m writing a script right now and guns are used quite a bit. When I make this movie I’l be on a very low budget. I’d like some advice for some of these questions I have.

  1. What are some of the best places to find replica/prop/blank guns?

  2. Will I get better results using blank guns or adding sound effects in an editer program?

  3. What about airsoft guns? If I get something that has relistic action I’m assuming it’ll look the same if I’m loading it with bbs or not.

    any input appriciated


I can’t really answer your questions directly, but I’ve been told that the best way to film a gun shot is to have the actors go through the motions, pull the trigger, make it kick back , etc. and then while editing it, add a frame of white. He said this is the best way, just add the sound effect with the white and it looks good. Supposedly, according to him, movies used to do this, and he actually said Alien did. So, there ya go. I have not done this myself, but once you get a gun, yous hould just test it out yourself on anyone. Then edit it real fast and add the white and sound effect and see how that looks. Hope this helps, and good luck! Let me know if this works for you too!


I have a movie I made with a MUZZLE FLASH effect as explained above, if anyone would like to see it, send me a private message.

Dirkdiggler thanx for the handy advice!

I live in the netherlands…so getting guns here is almost impossible…

Does anyone know how I can get replica’s?

I heard that you can buy modelguns in belgium, does anybody know where?

Try ebay?

Replica guns? I know where to go. I used them for my films but my neighbors get real nervous when i tell them i’m about to use them. They think they real.

how loud are these guns? As loud as a real one?

Replicas loaded with blanks are pretty loud

Replicas loaded with blanks are pretty loud

and they kill your camera if you hold it to near (see Desperado)

damn, what do i do to replace that real gun sound?

you could go to like a firing range or something and record sounds

Wow, thats pretty good idea. Thanx man

Weapons Specialists Ltd - catalogue - guns not replicas GUNS

go to , they have already made up gun sounds, colt 45, desert eagle, rifles etc. I use cheap non-firing replicas and then just stick the sound effect over. I have a gas-compressed bullet hit, so i just show that instead of the gun firing. gas-compressed bullet hits are easy to make and really cheap, better than spending liek en q

sorry accidently hit enter

what i was saying is it is better then spending like ten quid every squib for a action scene, and the blood pisses out, go to they have stuff on low-budget filmmaking

Editing can make even the most frigid gun scene look good if you iknow how to do it, so i suggest experimenting with a bunch of things.