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Guest Programmer month on TCM

This is a pretty cool idea of the network and hope it continues more in the future (As long as TCM UNDERGROUND doesn’t get canned!)


Quite interesting mix of hosts ranging from Gore Vidal to the singer of Devo! “Rose McGowan night” will be on the 5th and it looks like she’s a Mitchum fan 8)

To get my Film-Noir mix in, it looks like “James Ellroy Night” (On the 13th) will keep me covered. And Alton Brown (11th) has similar taste to mine.

Alfred Molina will be hosting Divorce, Italian Style and (The Original) Get Carter tonight.

I saw this too. Very cool! James Ellroy…Mark Mothersbaugh!..Rosey…Alton Brown, wow what a crazy mix this will be!

I wonder what Alec Baldwins gonna pick. Whoopi was on last night but I didnt really like her choices.

I bet Mark Mothersbaugh will pick something like Freaks, haha.

I want to watch Get Carter but its on at like 2am. Goddamnit!

I wonder what Alec Baldwins gonna pick.

Just click on the programmer’s face for what they’re showing!

I bet Mark Mothersbaugh will pick something like Freaks, haha.

Actually a woman (Maria something) is showing Freaks! One of Mark’s choices is Hot Rods to Hell ;D Silly movie. I love the way Dana Andrews calls the police as “The Pulleeze”.

I wish theyd pick more obscure stuff. Not just the ones they always show lumped together. Ive seen almost all the ones they have lined up.

TCM Underground should have its own channel. 24/7/365 of cult flicks! 8)

Rose McGowan sure chose classics, but very good choice : The Night of the Hunter, Out of the Past, A Place in the Sun. And so cool Ellroy chose such B-movies like Stakeout on Dope Street or The Lineup. Cybill Shepherd looks old, i’ts natural, I know,but I only remember her from Taxi Driver.

I’d so love to see Thelma Schoonmaker selection. She’s a great woman.

Tx for sharing this site Laydback, love the flash animation btw, very chic. :smiley:

I want to see Ellroy’s film picks most. I dont think Ive seen those yet actually. He knows great crime films, thats for sure!

Reminder: Rose night tonite!

Gonna check out Out of the Past.

Im watching Night of the Hunter tonight first. Its one of my personal top faves actually. Nice pics Rosie!

Robert Osbourne-"You look like Jane Greer"

Rose-"I thought I looked like Ava Gardner"

lol, That’s what I thought she would say to that compliment.

They do look alike though

TCM Underground should have its own channel. 24/7/365 of cult flicks! 8)

TCM UNDERGROUND? You’re just lucky you have such a thing. TCM Australia plays some great films, but don’t have anything like the wide selection that TCM has in the US.

They’re playing Htichcock movies on TCM 8)

Just got through watching Rear Window, and next is Vertigo!

^Wrong channel. That’s AMC.

I just wrapped up James Ellroy night earlier. I missed the first movie but watched the rest of them afterwards. Out of all of them, Murder by Contract was my favorite. It was reminiscent of French New Wave hitman-flick. Liked it quite a bit.

I’m currenly watching Kiss Me Deadly as I type. It’s my first viewing and I’m loving what I’m seeing. Can’t believe my Dish-Guide only gave it 2 stars.