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Guess the movie by picture (2)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ?

Hell yeah, great movie!

ahhh! i was staring at it for forever! Damn! that is an aweesome movie, yeah, George should make more movies!!

Well he is making more;)

Hmmm… what have he done already? I’ve seen Confessions and Good night and good luck.

I cant see your pic anymore… not that it matters for me, i have no idea where it came from :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: oh, now it popped up again. nevermind then :stuck_out_tongue: haha sorry!

Here is the pic :

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re2as0.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

He is directing a movie called Leatherheads :wink:

Seems noone knows this one, so I’ll do a new one.

I can post another pic if this one is too hard…

hahahahah! American beauty! Ik heers!!! ;D ;D

Wow, you really do rule, you didn’t even need another picture! :smiley:

Oohoh ! Why have you posted already a new pic ?? I just posted a day ago ! :o

Two days :wink: But I kinda got in the ‘guess the movie’ mood…

[quote=“Vince Vega”]
Two days :wink: But I kinda got in the ‘guess the movie’ mood…

Anyway… After the “guess the movie quote” ahah ;D

hahaha, ik heers indeed! ;D ;D

Don’t fuck with Benny the cop! Kopps!

hahahahah! thats right!