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Guess the movie and win a cookie (no pic/quote)


He starred also in Miike’ s “Guys From Paradise” and “City Of Lost Souls”…


Koji Kikkawa?


Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright !



sorry, I need some minutes to think about a new one…


The main character of THIS movie had his entire family [a wife and one child] killed by bikers in the first movie. This is a sequel and is set in the desert. This movie also happens to kick huge ammounts of ass. Can you guess this movie? You’ll get a picture-prize provided by THE drhomealone himself.


Oh shit, this is really hard…hmmm…The Road Warrior


You wanna post the next one?

No pic posting here, just some explainations what happen in the movie.


i just make the next one… uh… let me think…

this movie starts off with what was called the longest opening sequence in motion picture history. if you can guess it, you get a cookie :slight_smile:


hey, that’s what i was gonna say, but i thought he meant a continuous shot.

dammit that cookie should’ve been mine


[quote]once upon a time in the west

give me 3 cookies[/quote]

sorry, only one cookie is possible!
You know the rule of this board ;D ;D ;D One answer - one cookie ;D ;D ;D

One of you guys should post the next one...


[quote]so you were going to say touch of evil?[/quote]

what? no, i was gonna say Once Upon a Time in the West


no, that was why i didn’t post Once Upon a Time in the West, because i know that is not one continuous shot and i figured that Seb was referring to a film with one continuous shot. i didn’t even know Touch of Evil had that…


alrighty, i’ll take what i can get.


this is a movie about a novelist who goes to a secluded house to write a new novel, only to have her peace interrupted by a hot young french girl… :smiley:

what movie is it??


Okay, can someone else come up with a new one?

The rules here:



ONLY say soemthing about the movie

When noone find the answer in 2 or 3 days, just give the next hint - later solve it…

Just post a new riddle after the last one is solved (and someone said that your answer is right)

Someone come up with the next one, cuz the guy who post the last isn´t here anymore


a sexually repressed woman is left alone in her sister’s apartment and freaky shit starts happening




yes, it is repulsion.


Ok, here’s the next one…

An assasin agrees to do one last ‘job’ so he can pay for a much needed operation a female friend of his has to undergo. When he is close to being killed by tons of men he get’s help from somebody he would have never expect to get help from.


The Killer


This famous 1920’s film is about a famous female martyr who was put on trial and later executed.

That’s pretty easy


J-J-J-Joan of Arc.

or should i say The Passion of Joan of Arc