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Group Viewings

Have you ever noticed you watch a movie maybe listen to commentary or something or just catch little details? Then you watch the same movie with a group of people and you almost check people’s reactions seeing what they get and don’t get. Have any of you ever had any really interesting group viewing experiences watching Pulp Fiction?

That’s one of the reasons I saw Kill Bill so many times in the cinema!

"Bill it’s your baby… BANG

That shit was dynamite! especially the one who didnt know a thing about the movie.

I think with Pulp Fiction its the “I didnt think this movie was so good” expression on people’s faces

Do you think that? Or just think ‘they’ (who talk a lot) have higher expectaions?

just look at the bit where marvin got ‘shot in the face’ if that did’nt make you jump!?

or theres plenty other moments (Mia’s adrenalin shot) I could think of, any suggestions?

When i watch movies with other ppl I check to see if they get the refernces all teh time.

Ditto…I keep watching them to see how they react to scenes, and whever they catch the jokes or not…and i get really annoyed with people who get bored with it, cause lets face it, if you dont love PF your just not paying enough attention to its brilliance :wink:

I’ve got a friend of mine whos “Like a Virgin” when it comes to Quentin movies but shes gonna come over and watch it with me tonight I’m anxious to see what she thinks

it being Pulp Fiction

It depends on who I watch the movie with whether or not I look for reactions to certain scenes. I have some friends that wouldn’t recognize even the most obvious reference and some, that are as big a movie geek as me, who pick up on such subtle things that most people don’t even see it. Anyone would get startled from seeing a shocking scene for the first time (ie. Marvin getting shot in the face), but I have to agree with Seb that what I really like to watch for is look on people’s face when it hits them just how great Pulp Fiction (or any QT movie for that matter) really is!

One of my friends watched it wiht me, and when i asked what she thought she just simply replied "huh?"

I always find myself watching to see people’s reactions to the bits i reacted too. It’s annoying they very rarely react when i want them to lol

ergh…I used be friends with this chic who ‘hated violence’, so whenever everyone got together to watch a film she’d look at the back of the DVD/video case and just say “oh no, this looks violent…I might just read in the next room”…I mean how can you just restrict your movie tastes to PG rated flicks, you cant respect a person who will only watch Disney moves when there 17! :-</E>

Yeah that is a bit worrying lol