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Hello. I posted this question on the other Grindhouse-forum (the cinemawhore-thingie), but no one there seemed to know anything about it, so I’ll give it a shot here: there is a certain song that can be listened to on the flash-animated radio on the offical GH website, but I can’t find it on any of the soundtracks, either for Planet Terror or Death Proof. It is this kind of music box-like sort of slightly melancholic tune which reminds me of the music in THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE, but it’s more melodic and less noisy. Totally instrumental. Is this tune used in any of the features of GH, and if so, what song is it and who has made it? Or is it just something made uniquely for the offical site? I’m asking, 'cos I think it freaking rocks, and was kind of disappointed not to find it on any of the soundtracks, but I guess that doesn’t mean it’s not in any of the features (as there were many nice songs in KILL BILL that didn’t make it to the soundtracks). If I’d seen GH I’d probably know about this, but I haven’t, so… :slight_smile:

Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I know what music you’re talking about, but nope, I didn’t hear this in any of the movies. Although it’s possible it was used for a “missing reel”.

That’s an interesting theory. Either that or just made for the website, but your thought is very interesting (and I think it would be so cool to see it actually used to some GH footage). Thanks for reply. Can’t get that song out of my head!