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Grindhouse (Theatrical cut) on Starz (TV)

In HD, no less!

Currently going through my TV Guide for next month’s schedule and ran into this:

Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror (Premier) Starz HD March 1st; 6:00pm

Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof (Premier) Starz HD March 8th; 6:00pm


Grindhouse (3 hours, 11 minutes) March 30th; Starz HD

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awesome! good thing I’ll be at my friend’s house in the states and he has HD :wink:

Not a good thing for all the rest of the world though… :’(

you’ll have to buy the Japanese DVD box :wink:

but I’m sure if we are patient we’ll get something pretty soon, too, my french cherie

In the meantime, I know what I’m going to be recording! :wink:

Im surprised that they are showing it so soon. I will be watching it.

Im surprised that they are showing it so soon. I will be watching it.

It’s been out like a year already. I thought Starz usually got the rights to show new movies sooner than that. Either way, I’m gonna record it.

Very cool.

In the meantime, there is this. Those crazy bunnies did it again.

yeah seen that one, funny as hell

I’ve heard that the 3-Hour version is already availble on Starz!-On-Demand. But I don’t got that. Have to wait til the end of the month.

Anybody see the new intros by Rose McGowan? The channel has really been getting behind this movie (Or, should I say, these movies)

can’t wait to see it again, i’ll at least DVR it

Bump for tonight!

got the DVR all set up… wearing my grindhouse t-shirt…

Boy. Good memories of seeing this altogether once again! Undoubtedly, one of my most favorite movie experiences ever.

Werewolf/SS looked pretty damn glorious in HD!

haven’t seen the HD, dvred it. saw it in non-hd on starz east. which was crappy fullscreen.

i’ll watch it tomorrow or something

which was crappy fullscreen.

I watched the replay on standard TV. At least the trailers were all in widescreen.

Never noticed that Don’t was “based on a terrifying best seller” ;D

Yeah I really enjoyed watching em’ both.

Hey all amigos. The theatrical cut is airing on Starz cimema tonight (Fri. 7/18/08) at 10:00 Eastern.

P.S. Sorry I have been around in awhile, i guess theres not much new to post nowadays. But since inglourius bastards is a go, I’ll see yall around.

Peace out,