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Grindhouse Sequals?


You know one of these days its going to happen… but how? Eli Roth and Edger Wright has express interest in making Thanksgiving (hence the merchandise at Hot Topic) and Don’t!! as a sequal. QT wants to do a madarin kung-fu wixia type films with a english dub and subtitiles in other countries. Robert says he is interested in puting Machete on the shelf, and writng a spin-off movie for the crazy baby sitter twins (his real life nices). Who knows whats to become of Werewolf Women of the SS or Hobo with a shotgun. Heres my thoghts: Make Machete as a seperate film as planed, Make QT kung fu and Crrazy baby sitter twins as Grindhouse 2, make Thanksgiving and Don’t as Grindhouse 3, and make Werewolf women and Hobo as Grindhouse 4. and since different people work on each set release them like two month apart from each other just to confuse people more.


Keep on dreaming ::slight_smile:


Hey, a man can dream…a man can dream…


sequel, btw…