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Grindhouse Release Pattern

It’s still playing in two of the cheap (1/2 price) theaters in Arizona. It’s featured alongside The Last Mimzy and some other crappy flicks. I think this will be the last week it will be showing. I haven’t seen it in video stores yet. I’m heart broken. :’(

anyone wanna fathom a guess at how many theaters Grindhouse will be in this Friday, it’s tenth week?

looks like the number of theaters this week will be halved. It’s in 98 right now. It’ll drop to 49 tomorrow, in it’s tenth week.

“Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 49 (-49) / 10”

in the whole USA?


in the whole USA?


why, is that a lot or a little?

Anyway, for it’s 12th week of release (month 3), it will only be in ten theaters, declining by 18 theaters from last week’s count of 28 theaters.

Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 10 (-18) / 12

sounds like a little…but like really few!