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Grindhouse Release Pattern

Okay, so it’s first week was wide with 2624 screens, theaters, or prints (I’m not exactly sure.) Surprisingly, for it’s next week, it added another 5 playdates to end up at 2629 prints, screens or theaters. And tomorrow for it’s 3rd week, it’s declining by 1154, so it’ll be 1475. This, according to box office mojo.

Hopefully the decline will increase the per screen average but considering how it did it’s second week, with a 63% drop, it probably won’t.

Week 3: Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 1,475 (-1154) / 3

Also, and I don’t have any proof of this, but doesn’t it seem that despite how good the movie is, how well it’s reviewed and other similar factors, that some people are seeing the film based on how well it peforms? That some people are actually thinking, “oh, it’s not doing too good. I think I’ll pass.” If that’s the case, that might be an important reason why studios are so anxious to release their successful figures.

Anyone have any predictions when this this version of Grindhouse will be completely out of theaters? I’m glad it’s survived at least 3 weeks out.

Well, according the Box Office Mojo, Grindhouse is being taken out of 85 theaters this week. It was in 180 venues as of yesterday and is being yanked out of 85 of them, leaving it in only 95 theaters going into it’s 6th week.

“Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 95 (-85) / 6”

Since it’s in fewer theaters, anyone think it’s per screen average will go up?

At this point, who cares?

At this point, who cares?

people who follow how it’s doing

It’s doing badly, that’s all you need to know

if you’ve seen it, it really doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve seen it 5 times. and every time was a great time and I will never ever forget the experience.

great cinema experiences are born out of people’s memories… why not this one. it’s gonna make its money internationally and on dvd

yeah dvd will make back all the money ,esp if they release it in several different versions ,as they always do

single movie versions ,special edition boxsets ,the ultimate collectors version ,and the uber never seen before must have or your a dick boxset with free postcards

this just in from Box Office Mojo, for it’s 7th week, Grindhouse’s theater count will decrease from 95 theaters to 53 theaters, this Friday.

“Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 53 (-42) / 7”

I’m surprised it’s still in that many theatres.

yeaa me too i cant beleave it is actually still showing in some places.

I wish I lived near on of those places.

It’s time to wait for the DVD 8)

[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
I wish I lived near on of those places.

It’s time to wait for the DVD 8)

yea i cant wait for the dvd just to see it again and some special features.

Looks like this Cannes business is getting the flick some more press. It’s expanding by 122 theaters from 53 to 175, for it’s 8th week. From boxofficemojo…

“Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 175 (+122) / 8”

Guess no-one would’ve expected that :wink:

Yeah, it will definitely top Pirates Of The Caribbean now

It’s on course to becoming the greatest grossing film of all time. Yipeee

wait this is releasing as death proof right not grindhouse?

wait this is releasing as death proof right not grindhouse?

Nope, it’s still Grindhouse.

Death Proof hasn’t come out yet but I’m guessing the free press it’s been garnering over at Cannes justified the 122 theater increase.

ohh, yes, got it. Interesting

“Grindhouse (Weinstein / Dimension) / 98 (-77) / 9”

In it’s 9th week at the box office, the theater count is dropping by 77 theaters from 175 to 98. It’ll be in 98 theaters in it’s 9th week.