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Grindhouse Posters

Check this shit out, really cool - ;D

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape cracked me up.

Besides the gags, some of these look real good and I’d love to have a few of them.

That and the Back To The Future one are hilarious

And the Dr. Strangelove one is pretty good too.

Schindler’s List, Erin Brokovich, JFK (Do you believe in magic bullets ? ahah), Batman Returns, The Big Lebowski, The Sixth sense are real cool. :smiley:

haha…those are amazing

hahaa slaughter house 5 i never seen it but this english teacher in my high school shows it to the freshmen i dident have him though.

I freakin’ love it!!

I need to find somebody that can actually make this into a full size poster.

ahahahaha dat poster if fuckin awsome.