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Hey Kids,

I’ve been thinking about starting a new Grindhouse Blog. If so, would anyone be interested in contributing to it? You can post news, photos, links etc. This would be a thing run by longtime fans of QT and exploitation genre films not just Spy Kids fans.

If you’re down, drop me an email! :wink:

have fun. my opinion is this: we have this place and the wiki. the latter has the potential to be the ultimate resource. any blog exclusively dedicated to grind house would be direct competition to it, which I think is against the reasons people come here in the first place. so i can not give you my full support on this , which doesn’t mean that it’s not a great idea and i think you should go ahead with it if you like

I really would like it to be connected to this site if I do it. I dont want to be in competition at all. In fact, whatever I write you can consider it a part of this site. Its all good with me. I’ll put a QT Archives banner on the site and everything. All I really want to do is create a place where passionate fans of this film and the films that inspired it can come together with one common interest and appreciate/celebrate.

The Grindhouse Blog is now online at:

This is going to be a blog encapsulating all things Grindhouse, not only the film itself (its also going to be an affiliate of the QT Archives). If anyone has any news/info/reviews or anything else theyd like to post there, send it to me at my email address.

The more people who contribute, the better it will be. Doesnt matter how big or small the news etc is. Lets create a place FOR the fans BY the fans!

Cool blog man! 8)

Thanks Scar!

Niiiice page, Pete.

Here’s another clip you might be interested in adding. It’s about the burial of 42nd Street.

Great job on the blog! Looks/reads awesome.

Anybody remember “They Call Me Bruce”? Another example of “Bruceploitation” :slight_smile:

pete, do you want to have http// or something? could set that up in a second

great reviews and resources! also nice trailers man. I haven’t seen a single one of those movies, but man would I like too.

one question doh: the I spit on your graves trailer has been removed from Youtube. any chance you have an other link Pete?

Someone delete my last post? ???


Thanks guys for the compliments on the new blog. I’m really glad you dig it! If anyone has any Grindhouse photos/pics/trailers/stories/reviews theyd like me to add feel free to drop me a PM or email! The more variety, the better! :slight_smile:

LetsGoToWorK; The I Spit On Your Grave trailer link is fixed. Now you should be able to download it for your viewing pleasure. (Its an awesome film btw!) Thanks for the heads up on that!

works now

Awesome! Thanks Seb! :slight_smile:

It looks great. Good work. To bad I haven’t seen much Exploitation flicks because now I’m not really of help but i’ve much fun watching and reading it.

LetsGoToWorK; The I Spit On Your Grave trailer link is fixed. Now you should be able to download it for your viewing pleasure. (Its an awesome film btw!) Thanks for the heads up on that!

Thanks for the relink Pete! (I tried to leave a thank you comment on the grindhouse blog, but for some reason it wont post. perhaps I have been doing something wrong…)

Anyway the trailer looks great. I hope I can get my hands on these films soon…

Somethings up with the comment box thing. It was working fine before, now its not showing up at all. Ive checked several other blogs on the same server and theyve all shown you have to be a registered member on iblogs. Must be some server screw up. If you do want to comment or add anything, just post in here for now.

Ive added a couple new Grindhouse reviews and some casting news on Death Proof with photos of the chicks in it. Look for more trailers and other cool stuff in the future!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

looks great. keep it up!

amen. keep on blogging Pete!


Thanks Bad! :slight_smile:

NEWS: I just added a new Grindhouse Q & A post. I tried to answer the biggest questions in regards to the project. If anyone sees anything I missed let me know and I’ll add it! Thanks!

Also, the Comments box is working fine. You just have to have JavaScript on. So if you want to test it out, go ahead!