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Grindhouse is going to be the best!

Hey all! Just got back from the Comic Con with our main man Quentin Tarantino. When we first got there it was all crazy cause Robert Rodriguez came out by himself. He was all “I made my flight from Austin…but someone else did not”…everyone thought it was Q! All of a sudden Q comes stumbling out on stage with cool sunglasses and a totally awesome shirt like the AC/DC except it was RR/QT! Soooo cool!

Then they showed us the trailer! Tooooo awesome for words, totally rad, totally cool! This is going to be an insane movie, crazy crazy, but totally awesome. I don’t want to give away too much, but our man Q looks like he may be getting into some acting again;) And out of respect for the two dynamite directors I won’t say too much more…plus it’s really something you have to see, I’m sure it will leak it out!

Oh, the crazy killer in Death Proof will not be Mickey Rourke…it is confirmed, Stuntman Mike was signed last night…do you want to know who it is?..he’s sooo crazy cool! So awesome, perfect fit:)

They did give a chance to ask questions and I got my little blonde booty up to that mic and asked our man a question. (now understand at this point too many people were asking stupid questions to Q and Mr. Rodriguez, so they asked me to direct the question to the girls) I did do this, but our supa cool man Q jumped in (I almost fainted) I asked about the Cowgirls in Sweden direction/Death Proof cast…crazy answers, crazy fun, and the crowd was great! (And I had my Mrs. Tarantino tank on and it was blasted on the big screens) Q is gorgeous, he’s sexy, I wanted him right there! Everyone loved him!

Oh and there is two Kill Bill projects in serious works, and some of his other stuff is crazy! They loooove Austin and this will be, I never curse, totally kick ASS!

Kiss Kiss,


Thats awesome!! Mustve been a fun time! Please give more details when you can!

Would the projects be the Kill Bill Special Edition DVDs?!!! YEEHAWW!

Thanks for the heads up but you make it all sound so secret… LIke your not suppossed to tell anything.

Stop teasing us Trishy!

Hey all…I didn’t know how much you all wanted to know! (and I sooo can’t remember too good) But here is what I remember (I was way in the back, I got to ask my question, and then was pushed even farther in the back and I refuse to wear my glasses) I am also adding on to Quint’s little blog post thing…his was super good!

Okay so, yeah, Kurt Russel (or as Q put it…Elvis Aaron Presley) is playing Stuntman Mike sigh. Quentin is some crazy lookin surgeon in RR’s Planet Terror…mmm, what else? I mean most everything has been said. The next two Kill Bill installments will be animation (expanding more on Bill and the other expanding more on the bride) Mmmm…Grind House is two regular movies!

I know, not a whole lot, but that one little poster dude did an awesome job recapping the whole event. I just thought it was fun to be there and see my dream man!!! cute! I actually like got to talk to him and (unlike my dreams) he talked back. Hehehe…it wasn’t a big deal, but it was sooo cool. And even the totally stellar Mr. Rodriguez talked a little to me…I mean I was on the opposite side of the stage but what an awesome experience. They were very very sweet:)

Oh and just a little side tidbit…that Rosario Dawson (I think that is her name) is really quite a jerk. She walked in with her boyfriend, looking mad about something, and like this little boy came up to her and asked for her autograph and she totally looked at him and totally ignored him. When she brushed past her ugly beau totally knocked this little boy ever. I mean, I felt sooo sad. I don’t know her or anything, but that was not very nice!

But don’t worry, the two men (the only two reasons anyone was there) Quentin and Robert were sooo nice about everything, so funny, and soooooo charming! I mean it was really really cool.

Oh and I mentioned I was way in the back at the end (two ladies stole my seat) but Quentin told the audience, “You f@#$ng rock, especially the fans in the back”…totally me!

Okay, long I know, I’ll stop. But everyone at Comic Con, I love you!..thanks for being so nice to me! (I had to go stag cause like none of my friends here in LA thought it was too cool) Oh well, I had a super fun time!

Kiss Kiss,


Haha, I never thought Rosario is such a bitch. Fuck her boyfriend for what he did too.

You so totally took the words out of my mouth, Scarface!

Love Ya!


i give my left nut to see the grind house preview

You’d be regeretting that after the full version comes out…

Wish I could have gone, pity over here in Australia we rarely have any things worth going to.