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Grindhouse Interview/Material in Empire Magazine - Scans Included

Scans (Right Click And View The Image In A Separate Window To Read Text):

Could you scan it ? Thx in advance, cause foreigners can’t buy it. :wink:

At least write a little bit of the interview or scan the pages for us. Cmon dawg! :slight_smile:

No can do. The magazine I found from a library, unless I can rent it out…

it’s the same one i posted about ages ago. no new pictures. nothing you don’t know already.

Highlights: QT confirms that DP takes place in the Reservoir dogs/Pulp Fiction universe.

‘None of these girls would ever meet anyone from Kill Bill’.

Differences between the movies: 'Robert’s is HORROR, it could’nt happen, mine is TERROR, it could.‘

He also says he has surprised himself the way DP keeps evolving into different genres e.g from rock n’ roll movie to girl gang movie etc while still retaining that QT rat-a-tat dialogue.

Im waiting for the fangoria one to come out in a couple of days…

I’ll post up the scans in a min, or a couple of hours…


Im waiting for the fangoria one to come out in a couple of days…

Yeahup, I as well. I’m keep checking the shelves anyways…


awesome, dude. how much is the mag, i’ll see if i can buy it :wink:

Thx for the scans :wink:

No worries.

Its a UK mag; £3.70