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Grind House split in two outside USA

I’ve already posted this somewhere else, but I am reading constant rumors about this issue that are making me mad. First I read that Death Proof and Planet Terror will be released seperately in all countries EXCEPT the US. Then i read that the movies wil be released seperately ONLY in non-english speaking countries which dub the dialogue into their respective language. That would cover my personal ass, but it would be a shame for various other countries. Someone on imdb even sent an e-mail to Harry Knowles about the issue, to which Harry seemingly responded by saying:

"ok - you need to realize something here.

What is happening isn’t a decision by the Weinstein company. I’ve

talked to Rodriguez about this and there’s sadly a reality. Local

distributors in countries have the final say, as they have BOUGHT the

rights to exhibit from The Weinstein Company. Once a film is sold

to an independent film distributor that isn’t a part of the Weinstein

Group - they can do what they want.

HOWEVER - I don’t think those distributors understand that it isn’t a

simple matter - as these films are joined together and there isn’t a

simple CUT HERE point.

We’ll see what happens, but sadly - Boycotting hasn’t anything to do

with it. You’d have to boycott the European Theaters that will be

doing it. Ceasing to see movies at their chain and being public

about it."

So everything seems unsure at this point. It would really piss me off if I don’t get to watch Grind House the way it was supposed to be watched. What would even happen to the fake trailers?

Anyone who has any news about this thing please post here, it would be great if we could bring an end to this bullshit once and for all.

I hope that this thing gets worked out and Europe gets to see the films the way they were meant to be seen. We really don’t need another big frustrating Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 separate film thing again. ???

This would be even worse than the Kill Bill thing. Splitting them would go against the whole concept of the grindhouse experience. :frowning:

That’d suck. Hopefully that don’t split them in two out of the U.S.

So Harry is saying that the films are actually joined together like its one long film? I didnt realize that. I thought the fake trailers were being shown in between the two films. If thats the case the European theaters better think about how they do this and not cut them so theyre fucked up. But at least its not QT and RR and the Weinsteins fault. Ya gotta blame the people that bought the prints over there.

You guys should contact the the theater chains and start looking into how they’re doing this ASAP.

The worst thing about this is that IF they get seperated, they won’t even be released simultaneously! I read somewhere that while Planet Terror would be released in April, Death Proof would come out in like October! What a load of crap. >:(

Is it even legal to cut a film in two like that, if it was supposed to be shown as one by its creators in the first place? I mean, using the same argument local distributors could have cut any of the LOTR films in two if they wanted to, right? It seems like a very complicated issue.

I’d definitely be forming some kind of protest if they did that April-October split crap. That is too fucked up for words. Grindhouse should be shown as intended EVERYWHERE. WTF are these assholes thinking?

Im going berserk if it splits in two >:( >:( >:( Damnit, I’ll buy a gun and shoot some mothafucka’s! >:( >:( >:(

Lets start a foundation so that everyone who lives in one of those countries can fly to the US for free :wink: (Damn how fucked would it be if this was really true!)

Good to be living in the US :slight_smile:

Good to be living in the US :slight_smile:

Fuck you.

Hahaha God bless this land(and grindhouse)

Oh ok, I really hope from all my heart, the european distributors won’t do this horrible mistake ! I mean, they are more clever than this, and respect the liberty in the business here instead of harsh censorship in the USA, so I really hope it won’t be split up. I mean, I hardly imagine distributors (and we’re not talking about producers or anything else) cut a movie, it’s not their job.

I really hope all that is a bad joke, cause that’d ruin the whole concept, the whole movie, the whole experience. Plz respect movie geeks, and forget about the mainstream audience, they won’t get the very meaning of the movie afterall.

Come on guys dont rub it in. Thats so goddamn rude!

(wraps himself in big US flag and smiles)

Im just kidding Im sure it wont be split up

Seriously, I hope everyone gets to see it like we do. That way we can all discuss it after we go see it.

If this is true than it sucks so much balls…

They can’t do that…moneyhungry whoressssssssssssss! >:(

I hope some theatres will just show them as a “double” feature…if this nightmare will come true :frowning:

All the media reports here in Australia have all suggested this is a genuine double feature and both will be released here together. Empire (Aust version) even listed a ‘Grindhouse’ release date of April 19 for this country, a couple weeks after the US release.

Ummm…I really don’t think it would happen. For one it ruins the ENTIRE premise of the movie. By spitting the two movies up, it just wouldn’t be grindhouse style. And secondly, if the Grindhouse trailer is universal, it does state in the trailer that it is TWO movies for the price of ONE. Breaking this rule would only result in more advertisement and different trailers.

But if they DO decide to split the two apart. Why not do it in the states as well? Why everywhere else except the states? Just doesn’t add up. The US is one of the most money hungry countries in the world. We certainly would do it if everyone else was.

But all in all, it’s just another way to make a cheap buck…

Ya know what theyll probably do is release it as the Double Feature for its first run. Then maybe re-release the films separately later on.