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Grind House companion book


Cool and quick read, but I want more than what book offers.


found these at flickr



are you telling me you don’t own this book yet, moussemaker? I am disappointed :wink:


haha i own the book, its cool, but its not really made for hardcore quentin robert fans, coz they show quiet a lot about other metiers and stuff. still interesting though, scirpts, sum interviews n stuff. actually i think im gonna read those again tonight ^^


I know it’s not a pretty sight but…


I know it’s not a pretty sight but…

Her fucked state probably caused her to mis-read the book title, thinking it’s her biography,


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take it she’s a QT fan!

would love to know if anyone has heard what either QT or Amy have said anything about each other in an interview. they should collaborate! Both are very post-modern in their approach to their art.


Amy Winehouse?!


Eugh, seriously?


The Sun? ;D


Not cool.


The other night Bill Maher did a bit about how Chinese restaurants need to find a better way to package Soy Sauce. He said “If I wanted to lug around a leaking bag of chemicals I’d go on a date with Amy Winehouse”.



He looks like more of a fan of hers. ;D


That’s pretty cool. I’ve always loved her music, or her last CD to be specific, I could give a shit about Frank.


They look like a cute couple together! :angel:


They seem kind of weird to me, but who in hollywood and music isn’t.


So, it’s almost 7 years later and I did a quick check to see if this book is still available somewhere…