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Good Reading?

I’m not sure if this is where i should post this, but, I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out. I am looking for some good books/authors. I would apprciate any help.


hmmm Just off the top of my head, I just finished reading a book called Snow Crash. Very cool… Cant remember who its by tho sorry. Excellent tho.

if you’re not looking for tarantino-related literature, I will immediately shift that into the chat lounge.

please guys, stick to topics.

Bret Easton Ellis is great. The oldies work for me (Salinger, Lord of the Flies, Shakespeare)…

if you’re into politics…check out Hunter S. Thompson - he has some great political works, which are funny as hell. He also has a few fictional works, which are classic IMO

Good books and authors:

Elmore Leonard: almost anything by him. My favorites are: Killshot, Swag, Stick, Bandits, and City Primeval. But really, you can’t go wrong.

Eddie Bunker. Of course. Dog Eat Dog and No Beast So Fierce are the tops.

Jim Thompson. Read everythign by him. Even his lousy books are great.

David Goodis. The master of despair. Anything you can get your hands on.

George V. Higgins. The Friends of Eddie Coyle. It’s a masterpiece!

Paul Cain. The greatest hardboiled novel of them all: Fast One

Victor Gishler. Gun Monkeys. This guy is new, and it’s quite a read.

Just some ideas…


why not read a book about QT?

(i am still working on that page, but feel free to shop… there are some very good books about QT out there)

I dont know if I can recommand a book.

But in the past I’ve read Rum Punch from Elmore Leonard.

Right now I’ve ordered the book “The switch” also written by Leonard. It’s some kind of prequel with regard to rum punch.

But I haven’t read the book yet, so I cant tell you if its a good one.

Maybe here are some others who already read it???

leonard is awesome.

if you read Rum Punch, be sure to also read Get Shorty and 40 Lashes Less One

I loved Rum Punch. I have read alot of leonards books. Check out Be Cool after you read Get Shorty and Glitz is awesome too.

If you want a jolly great read, check out Anthony Burgess. He wrote A Clockwork Orange (A poor movie but a amazing book) Kingdom Of the Wicked is my favorite

James Patterson-The Alex cross series amazing

And Stephen kings the dark tower series great those are some of my most favorite books of all time.

did any one read weave world by clive barker that was great.

Hmmm…EarlSwag? You a Stephen Hunter fan, by any chance? If not, you should give his books a try, some good stuff. L. Ron Hubbard’s Final Blackout is a good read, probably only take an hour of reading to finish, Vampire4 and Armor by John Steakley are among the best literary work I’ve read in my life, with Vampires being the best, and The Seer King; The Demon King and The Warrior King books by Chris Bunch are some of the best fantasy work I’ve read, too.

Stephen Hunter is great. i loved his latest, Pale Horse Coming. I hate writters like King and Patterson. They need 1. editors, 2. origionality 3. to fucking die. all they do is pump out more of the same bullshit novels.

Irvine Welsh: in my opinion of the greates fiction writers alive today. Check out Filth, Trainspotting, Glue, and Transpotting’s Sequel, Porno. great stuff written in a highly unconventional manner.

In the last month I have read James Patterson’s When The Wind Blows which was damn good. It isn’t about Alex Cross, it is about these kids with special talents. And I also like to read westerns, so I read Larry McMurtry’s Sin Killer. No one writes about the old west like Larry. They were both good books, but McMurtry’s was awsome and he has some great dialogue and detailed plots.

A clock work orange, get shorty, weave world, 1984

I’m gonna recommend the last three books I read, which are all great:

  • The Godfather (Mario Puzo): A classic in every sense. If you liked the movies, you’ll love the book. The thing I found so great about the book was that I got to know various characters like Johnny Fontane; who had limited screentime in the movie . You really get to know and symphatise with every single character.

    -The Shining (Stephen King): I haven’t read much of King, but this book belongs among his classics. Kubrick’s movie version was great, but the book blows the movie away.

  • The Last Temptation (Nikos Kazantsakis): I still haven’t finished this one, but from what I’ve read it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s blacklisted by the Vatican, and Scorsese’s adaptation is still banned in various countries; but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this wholly original depiction of the life of Jesus Christ.

Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra is a fantastic book.

And although they aren’t exactly novels, any World War II book by Stephen.E.Ambrose is brilliant;

Band of Brothers


Citizen Soldiers

Wild Blue

Pegasus Bridge

I have the book:

The Contempory Japanes Film, written by Mark Shilling.

It is a good book, if you wanna know more about jap movies.

The Red Dwarf series

Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy series

The Dark Tower series

and the Godfather series