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George Romero

If there’s anyone that George Romero is parasitic to, I’d say he comes from the George Stevens school of filmmaking. He’s the kinda guy that figures out his films in the cutting room, not as he films, he covers each scene with different cameras and then glues the pieces together in the cutting room, he’s a great editor in that perspective, something that most do not recognize. Now another director that comes to mind is Frank Capra. Frank made films for the people, he was interested in the commentary of a small voice that echoes loudly against the big people. A good example is Mr. Smit Goes To Washington or the one with Walter Huston called American Disaster or something like that…

George Romero is a commentator of our time, trying to grasp or analyzing the evil in people, we ourselves are killing each other - we are harbingers of destruction: wether it be in consumerism, where we destroy our lives by putting value to materialistic entities or clouding reality from fiction on the internet. It’s a world that is going in bad places.

I don’t think many people realize how good of a filmmaker George is, forget about the horror movies. He’s not a horror director, he’s just a fantastic filmmaker. Knightriders is a hidden gem that most people will appreciate - read my George Romero reviews at the GRINDHOUSE DATABASE. And let’s not forget a smart film like Martin.