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Gangsters music

^^^ He’s got a point

Yes, that song was playing just because they were listening to the radio. It would be stupid to try changing the station just to find a cool song, before making a robbery.

at first I thought…yeah why the fuck would gangsters listen to shitty music…

but then again…gangsters, esspecially the guys on the street doing the dirty work (the soldiers) arent the smartest, most educated or developed kinda persons…they’re pretty basic…so they listen to basic shitty music…

plus like a virgin was probably on the radio all the time when first released, so it must’ve been impossible not to know it…

I could easily have a discussion on some britney spears songs, without really ever enjoying them…simply because I hear them on the radio or see the clips on television…its like remembering a commercial…no I dont care about the product…hell yes! do I know the slogan…

Nice Guy Eddie: Music from K-Billy

Mr. Pink: Music from K-Billy

Mr. Blonde: Music from K-Billy, Lee Marvin

Mr. Blue: The old songs of Madonna

Mr. White: Lee Marvin

That’s for sure.

wait, lee marvin sings now?