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Funds given to Tarantino

Really interesting article I came across during my daily pilage through Variety.

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yeah there’s a whole series of articles like that out, but i dont get why they’re making such a huge deal about it, i mean granted, they’re showering those projects with money, but hey, other cities do that too with their film industry

Regional and federal financial help for shootings is pretty commun here in France. There’s no bid deal indeed to know that Tarantino could benefit of them in Germany too.

Plus co-productions are always interesting. Filming IB in Germany will bring other US shootings there. And since Tarantino shot there for three months and more, he let german crew and technicians worked with him, so it’s financially interesting for Germany too.

well the funding policy in paris came too late for basterds.

and us shootings have been in Germany before Basterds (Valkyrie, etc)… but yeah you’re right

Not surprising they’ve been too late with the Parisian fundings. They’re always extremely slow and busy in Paris when it comes to shootings. It’s a nightmare. I guess that explains why Tarantino didn’t shoot longer in Paris or in France. It’s really sad though.

I’ve modified the title a little :wink:

I think QT should use that money for CGI ;D

I think QT should use that money for CGI ;D

Ahah. You really want all the newbies to jump on your back saying how incredibly stupid this statement is, I already picture :

[quote] You don’t understand anything to Queeeeentin, this man ain’t no CGI guy, he doesn’t need this shit. Shut the fuck up, you wanker.[/quote]

[quote] Who’s this stupid ass ? [/quote]

[quote] Blasphemy [/quote]

That way, I hope the joke will prevent anybody to yell at you ;D

Hahaha. You’re really coming out of your shell now lili, I’m loving it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha. You’re really coming out of your shell now lili, I’m loving it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with you Iffy, that was cleverly nice and destructive at the same time

Did I get funds when I was secretly filming my next door neighbor, when she was changing?


Instead I got arrested and maced! What a world we live in, so unfair. I’m a filmmaker guys. I film. That is what I do.