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From Dusk Till Dawn could've been in 3-D

I recently read a Robert Rodriguez interview on a film mag. This is what he had to say on Dusk:

I’d love to do something else with Quentin that bends genres like that. You know, I was originally gonna do the second half in 3-D! I told Quentin about it and he said: “That’s a great idea!” But when I looked into the cameras, they were those old film cameras, it was still like the "Jaws 3-D system, and we abandoned the whole idea"

                              from “Total Film”.

I never knew anything about this before, and I don’t know about you; but I think FDTD in 3-D would have sucked BIG TIME!

yeah Rodriguez has turned into a total idiot.

He was right on doing something with QT again, but he’s just gone crazy. Especially the whole Spy Kids 3-d thing. Don’t ruin Dawn by doing the same thing.

Robert Rodriguez hasn’t turned into an idiot at all.

Bedhead, El Mariachi, Desperado, Four Rooms and From Dusk til Dawn are all fucking awesome. The faculty was a bit shitty but it was still one of the better post modern ‘slashers’ of the late 90s. Once Upon a Time in Mexico was quality, maybe not the best of the 3 but still heaps of fun. And as far as Spy Kids goes, you may not like it but its not aimed at our age group. As it happens, Ive seen all 3 of them and even tho theyre not my kinda film, they are quite good, and th 3D thing was just plain cool. Shouldve used it for FDTD…

Imagine Kill Bill in 3-D…the Crazy 88 scene would have kicked ass.

maybe not FDTD in 3-D but do imagine that cross-genre thing.

QT, RR, and 3-D. sounds kinds cool. have QT dialouge parts and then the RR actions parts are in 3-D. that would be cool

I’d like to see a QT movie in 3-d. Maybe he could do “Jules and Vincent meet the Martians.”

Nah, QT’s first 3 movies would suck in 3-D. Due to the fact that they are mostly dialogue and it would take away from the meaning of the film. But Kill Bill would be the shizzle forizzle my nizzles.

How bout the Bride vs. Godzilla?

QT said that he seriously tried to find a logical way to make Elle and the Bride 50 feet tall for their fight. And he couldn’t…unless…

…he used special effects.

Yeah, but

A) He hates CGI, and the only way to do that really well would be CGI. I mean, he could go for the old school and do it like Harryhausen or the onld Godzilla movies, but it would be kind of lame.

B) It simply wouldn’t work in the story. :’(

Maybe Mike Madsen will get superpowers in Inglorious Bastards.

I mean, you could see the strings on the plane that the Bride takes to Tokyo. ::slight_smile:

So I don’t necessarily think QT would think he was stooping real low just to film something like that.

Man, what if a 60 foot tall Elle Driver ate the Bride’s plane in Volume one? ;D


The Bride would have busted out of her fuckin belly

and then Michael Madsen would breathe fire on her as Vernita Green shot lazers from her eyes and Bill sprouted huge moth wings and terrorizred TOKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

I gotta lay off the peyote.