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Free KB 2 screening

Enter at

already been done. Just waiting now. GOD I CANT WAIT!!! MUST SEE NOOOWWWWW

On the other side: How often do you have such a tremendous joy awaiting a movie, you know it’s good as hell can be… ;D

It says you’ll be able to see it in mid april? Kill Bill comes out on April 16. Why bother to enter when you can just go to your movie theatre, other than the fact you get a free pass?

Unfortunately, I am not near any one of the cities listed to be able to win a free screening pass. But I like the poster. ;D



Curse this infernal national wang called Florida!

hey seethru

where in florida?

fuckin’ Poinciana.  Basically, go about a billion miles off 192 and you’ll know you’re there when you see cows grazing freely.

can’t find it in my National Geographic Atlas

i’m in Central Florida

and yes it sucks much donkey dick

i got so fuckin sick this week cause the weather is so wishy/washy

yeah, I’m in central too. Like 45 minutes from Disney. It was weird. Hurricane one day, freakin’ blazing hot the next. I hate weather.

Pensacola kicks ass

i used to live in Hamburg, Germany (best city in the world, by the way), but i moved to fuckin miami two years ago…

it is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a european teenager, to move to fuckin america (altho new york would’ve made me happy), especially fuckin miami…

its probably the worst shithole to live on the planet.


So are all of your posts going to consist of “I’m from Germany which rocks, but I live in Florida which sucks”?

[quote]yeah, I’m in central too.  Like 45 minutes from Disney.  It was weird.  Hurricane one day, freakin’ blazing hot the next.  I hate weather.[/quote]

here in texas it was wicked storms half the day, blazing hot the other half.

Everything’s fucked up here in NC. The last snow storm we had was just a few weeks ago and I think it was raining during Christmas. Fuckin weird-ass climate.

New York’s not that great. Every summer, after it rains, the sludge and car exhaust almost becomes a tangible thing which like clings to you, forcing you to shower every time you go inside. I’ll take nowhere, Gerogia over NYC enviornmentally speaking.