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François Truffaut

Nouvelle Vague genius François Truffaut died too soon, before his time

from Les 400 Coups till Vivement dimanche! he gave new meaning to Comedy and Romance in films, atleast thats my impression of the man, he was ignored far too much because he was considerd the shadow of Godard and other 60’s French cineasts, i simply love the man, he was a Hitchcock geek yet i felt he never tride to copy his work, unlike people like Brian De Palma

"Some day I’ll make a film that critics will like. When I have money to waste." - François Truffaut

what are your thoughts on him and his films? any other HUGE fans like myself? Favorites?

i’ve got the Adventures of Antoine Doinel boxset and i desperatly want the Truffaut Collection DVD’s

I was going to get the Truffaut Collection when I was in Paris (it felt like the right thing to do!) but alas, I didn’t have enough money and I don’t think it had English sous-titres (see what I did there?). It was about €70 and I had like 60, I’ve seen a few of his films though, my favourite being The 400 Blows… even though I have to convice most of the people who come over to my house that it isn’t a porno.

yeah they were always expensive, they’ll probably stay expensive too, wich means that theres no other option than simply giving up the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, should be worth it… “Buy more Truffaut”… it’s now somewhere near the top of my to-do list.

suck a tertlehed.