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For those of u who have seen it

is there Big Kahuna Burger or red apple? 8)

I havent seen it but i know theres Red Apples and Big Kahuna Burgers mentioned in the script. Also GO Juice.

YES!!! ;D

Im guessing thats what Kurt’s was smoking on the fx special.

there is red apple

yeah, they’re both in there. But we only hear about Big Kahuna burger. Wasn’t that supposed to become an actual franchise like over ten years ago or something?

i dont recall big kahuna burger…

[quote=“The Seb”]
i dont recall big kahuna burger…
it was mentioned by name, I believe when the girls were at Warren’s bar. I’ll need to see it again for the precise location.

Oh, another easter egg, it goes kinda quick but there’s a close-up of Warren’s jukebox, the camera tilts up the column of song title/artist panels and Misirlou is one of 'em.