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FOR SALE: Red apple cigarettes, original movie prop with certificate

Hi there,

A few years ago, I bought a pack of Red Apple cigarettes that was used in Inglorious Basterds, and specifically in the scene in the woods. Being a big ol’ movie fan myself, I imagined a room where plenty of memorabilia would be displayed. 4 years later and the pack is still tightly locked away in a box upstairs.
It’s because of this that I decided to sell it, and I hope I can find someone here that would be happy to do it justice.

As the image below shows, the pack was used in the forest scene and is carried, visibly, in a front chest pocket. The quality is used, obviously, but I have always been very very careful with it, and I only took it out of its protective plastic sleeve on one occasion. The cigarettes themselves have never been taken out.

A bit of backstory, which I’m sure 99% of you guys and gals know. Red Apple cigarettes is a brand that’s carried throughout the Tarantino-verse, with Bruce Willis’ character Butch in Pulp Fiction ordering one in Marcellus Wallace’s bar being it’s most prominent mention. More about that here:

Because of the WWII period, this pack has unfiltered cigarettes. It’s an official, authentic item, that’s a great deep-cut reference and still easily displayed in many homes.

If you’re interested in taking this off my hands, please send me a DM. I can also share more images that way, because I’m a new user I’m only able to enclose a single image.

Thanks much!

I’m interested to learn more. Can you email me? Craig Miller 82 at gmail

Hi, I’m also a new member of this site and I am potentially interested in this item. Please contact me at with your asking price.

If they aren’t already spoken for, I would be very interested in talking with you about purchasing these.


They are still available. Please contact me at hanskleinenberg@gmail, so I can send you more images.