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allright people, let’s talk food

its my second biggest obsession after films, i am a food geek, correction; im a ‘good food’ geek 8) im 50% italian so thats not really a surprise, im quite the chef, you havent had spaghetti marinara untill you had mine, hate to brag but i make a goddamn good spaghetti marinara, my mother is the best chef in the world, and im not saying that because shes my mom but because its true, i help her out from time to time and sometimes just make dinner for the whole family, im so lucky that i havent become a big fat doughman type guy, its takes effort to not get fat, not gaining weight is harder than losing weight if you love food as much as i do

i hate it when fuckers tell me they love food, cook for me and i get a piece of lettace coverd with sauce on my place wich fits on one fork is history in one bite, when i eat i want a goddamn bowl infront of me, i want a mountain of pasta, i want a kilimanjaro 8) i also hate it when ppl make a perfectly good meal but fuck it all up, the meat is gray, the sauce is too spicey or too watery, the vegetales are dry as fuck etc., a cousin of mine is studying to be a chef and he gives me great tips from time to time, kinda tips only chefs know, kinda tips you dont find in a book 8) when i watch the episode of the sopranos where Ralphie Cifaretto is cooking spaghetti (when he gives the gun to Jackie), he always reminds me of me, only i dont wear a gay apron like he does :stuck_out_tongue:, i love the tip he gives Jackie too, its something my family has been doing for centuries, its a standard rule for quality spaghetti, ppl that dont know it: when youre spaghetti and sauce is done (when you normally start eating), after getting rid of the water in the pot where the spaghetti was, put the spaghetti back in the pot, put the pot back on the stove, put a little butter in it (Ralphie doesnt say this but it keeps the spaghetti from sticking to the pot or sticking to eachother, butter is underrated, ppl say its just for convenience and its unhealthy, bullshit, butter bring a lot of flavor, antway), then takes a few spoons of sauce and put it with the spaghetti in the pot (make sure theres no meat with it) and then mix it up for about a minute (Ralphie says 45 second, but i do it for a straight minute) and put the spaghetti in the plates, why do this? the pasta obsorbs the sauce, your pasta is orange now, its a awesome boost to the flavor, its really a big diffrence

anyways, share your favorite dishes and cooking tips 8) (ive got the feeling only women will reply but thats allright, i still feel like a man :stuck_out_tongue:)

I love good food as well. When I’m hungry I always think of a nice juicy steak or pasta or a great pizza or a bowl of long grain rice, I’m rice addict, I can eat rice every day, if it’s prepared well enough. I have natural senses of cooking, I can always hit the right temperature and everything.

I’ve been to McDonald’s twice in my life, seriously, I’ve had like three burgers in my whole life, and I’m never returning. Europe is the kingdom of greatest foods, and I live in it.

I love cereal and corn flakes, though, that’s american but whatever it’s great. Special K rules.

Yeah I love tea. I don’t drink coffee, just black tea.

I could go on like this forever.

yeah im a riceman too, east asian food is great but its hard as shit too make

i just cook some rice and make some hot sauce with vegetables to go with it, and some chicken on the side

I’m definitively for mediterranean food, from the south of france, to maghreb, and of course italian. :slight_smile:

Its all about the curry …now when I say curry, I mean REAL Indian curry,Hot Vindaloo with Naan bread, samosas and a sweet lasie :stuck_out_tongue:…I hate it when ppl say that they’ve cooked a ‘curry’ and you get given some sort of weak ‘slightly spicy’ caserole thing…I’ve been given that so many times, and it just makes you long for a proper curry house…

I also love Japanese food, in particular Sashimi, and cooked eel (one of the best things I’ve ever eaten)…I can also make sushi, but obviously its preety C grade stuff…I mean it looks like sushi, and it tastes alright…but it doesnt even compasre to the stuff whipped up by a proper sushi chef…

I don’t eat all the chinese or japanese food, I prefer french and italian foods, all that exotic sea stuff gets on my nerves after some time, but real pasta will never lose it’s value and taste. I’d like to eat Korean, I wonder how does a cooked dog taste.

haha i saw it in a documentary actually, a guy and a kid were in the back of a restaurant infront of a huge dog kennel and htey kid had to pick a dog he wanted to eat, eventually it was a german shepard, haha no shit, sick

a rat might taste like pumpkin pie but i wouldnt know cause i wouldnt eat the filthy motherfuckers

Favorite Foods:




I love… PASTA.

I could eat it every day for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Pizza is also good 8)

I live off pizza. The best pie you can make is by buying a frozen thin crust pizza, preferably a fire baked Freschetta and covering it with sandwich pepperonmi and covering it all up with bag of extra mozzarella. After the pizza is finished cooking, turn on the broiler in your oven until the cheese is melty and golden brown.

Delicious. And will most certainly cause heart problems for you later on down the road.

Delicious. And will most certainly cause heart problems for you later on down the road.

As with a lot other kinds of delicious food. That sucks so bad


I love anything Italian, Asian and of course Scandinavian…

Food…Mediterranian, Chinese and donuts :-*

Something else that you can never go wrong with: Hamburger Helper - Cheeseburger Macaroni.

Alongside with a slice of garlic toast: Priceless.