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Fist Of The North Star Live Action: What If Tarantino directed it :D

Hi all, I’m new to this board.

I was talking with my brother the other day discussing some old movies that need to be remade. And one that came up is Fist Of the North Star, I am a huge fan of the the cult classic anime series, but when I saw the live action I felt like crying, the movie was dire IMDB rating of 3.7. Didnt do the story justice.

Those of you unfamiliar with the story it goes…

A post-apocalyptic wasteland may well be the perfect battleground for one of the most intense and most brutal action titles in anime: Fist of the North Star, the story of grand fighters and the quest for survival in a world thrown out of balance.

Kenshiro is an enlightened warrior. He has been given the title “Fist of the North Star.” He hands are capable of killing in one punch or healing the sick. Seeking his love Julia, who was taken from him by Shin, the Fist of the South Star, Ken wanders the wastelands, fighting those who would prey on the weak and sowing the seeds of hope for those who will accept. Even as his own mission drives him onward, destiny will bring him new friends and old enemies.

Even in this very brutal and graphic title, there is hope, hope for a future.

That was dumbed down version of the series the story is much deeper, and would only be part 1 or a trilogy. The series was made back in the 80’s and became popular by the Hokuto Masters superhuman feats of strength and his telent to make his opponents die in the most painful ways and then explode in the censored white blood (the dont make day time TV like they used too ;D .

This is wishful thinking but I really hope one day a Tarantino or as good director picks up this gem of a title, dont know about you but the story has so much potential to the lord of the rings of martial art movies.

Here are some ideas for plots

Follow this link for more info, pics, and video samples

PRT 1 Our hero Kenshiro almost killed by Shin and his quest to get Yulia back. PRT 2 meeting Toki, learning about the Hokuto fate and Raul’s plans. If you saw the New Fist of the North Star, we learned more about the fate of Hokuto, there can only be one master therefore Ken will have to kill his brothers to obey 2000 year old Hokuto Law. A close kept secret how they are the ones who prtect the last remaining nuclear weapons to stop the complete distruction of the human race. Ken seeks Roah after he kills his friend Ray and learns Roah also killed their master/step father Ryuken. PRT 3 Ken and Raul, it would be great if the movie was split into chapters with title like the anime series was or some ppl would be more familiar with Tarantino style 8) , this part would end with Ken defeating Roah but discovering that over the past few years he has been searching Yulia is dieing of radiation poisoning, but he able to spend her last few moments with her (one for the chicks to cry about).


I was thinking the other The Rock would make a pretty good Roah, enough with the Mr. Nice Guy, become the Conqueror who doesnt fear God himself. Cant think of an actor that’d fit Kenshiro, only one that comes to mind Keanu Reeves (but only because he shares the same personality on screen lol, but an unknown actor would be a better choice),Kristen kreuk would make a nice Yulia or better still Natalie Portman for that innocent look, Dakota Fanning would make the perfect Lynn (highly intellegent child teaching Ken that his disrigard for death has a greater affect on those close to him. Karl Urban as Lord Shin, I think he can really convey evil on screen.

Who would you like casted for Kenshiro, Shin, Roah, Ray, Toki, Jagi - the psychotic jealous brother - Benicio Del Toro, how about Tarantino himself!?!, Yulia, Ryuken - Keifer Sutherland??, Bart, and Lynn (are there other characters that should make an appearance)?

Who would direct it (Tarantino obviously, any guest directors, the orginal series directors??), fight choreography, and do the soundtrack.

The movie would be heavy with CGI, would need great cinematography to show the wasted landscape - great example is this scene from Constantine. Punches and kicks are thrown at super speed (we dont want another repeat of the super cheesy hundred cracked fist from the live action :burned: ), also not forgetting the occassional flying limb, and skull fracture.

Music wise I’d like it more in the dark classical, Rob Dougan’s Clubbed to Death comes to mind.

I hope there are some fans, and people interested in this concept.

Does Quentin visit these forums??



Shame, has noone heard of this before??? :embarassed:

id say looks good but my eye sight is out a wack and it looks he-mannish what other tid-bits culja share…? thanx for sharing

Yeah ive heard of the original ( seen a bit of it ), and ive seen the 1st of that newer looking 3 parter ( it seemed somewhat overtly violent even by anime standards… ( in the original ive never seen 2 guys in a fight lose that much blood ) thats not in itself a bad thing but wheres the time for the love?? so i didnt bother to watch the other 2… yeah when i want to see extended violence i prefer watching stuff with beautiful women, not that Fist of the North Star is at all bad thats just my preference… :stuck_out_tongue:

i have fist of tha north start-its tha shit!!! it has exploding heads-it shows tha ass of one os the chicks its good. if tarantino directed it then it would have a better story and better lines. thats what it needs.

Chris Penn was in the live action movie you know. 8)