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Films you are dying to see

as a film lover I have a list of hard to find films that i am dying to see. for a long time The Dion Brothers or Darker than Amber or Horror of a deformed man were on top of my list. right now i’m dreaming of seeing The world greatest sinner (tim carey), arcana (giulio questi) or Night of the Serpent (giulio petroni).

what are the film you are the most longing to see (IB is not an answer ;D)?

This thread is very similar to this one: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 190.0.html”>,3190.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

Well I got a few on my mind:

Death Weekend


Milano Calibro 9

Fistful Of Talons

Deadbeat At Dawn

Massacre Mafia Style

The Beyond

Tick Tick Tick

Dasso yugi

Soul of Chiba (Gekisatsu! Judo ken)

The Defensive Power of Aikido (Gekitotsu! Aikido)

Roaring Fire (Hoero! Tekken)

The Doberman Cop (Doberuman deka)

Boso panikku: Daigekitotsu

The Young Dragons (Tie han rou qing)

Yuki no dansho - jonetsu (Lost Chapter of Snow: Passion)

Zankoku ijô gyakutai monogatari: Genroku onna keizu (Orgies of Edo)

Sukeban series

Terrifying Girls’ High School series

Deliquent Girl Boss series

Death Proof Uncut

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
The Doberman Cop (Doberuman deka)

now we’re talking 8)


Dr. Mabuse (All 3)

I wanna see more movies from:

Ingmar Bergman

Federico Fellini

Bernardo Bertolucci

Anthony Mann

Sergio Corbucci

Fritz Lang

FW Murnau

Werner Herzog

Lucio Fulci

Jean Luc Godard

Takashi Miike

Directors I haven’t seen any movies of but I want to see.

Sergio Martino

Samuel Fuller

DW Griffith

1. Death Proof Unrated and Uncut

2. Rolling Thunder

3. Wipeout

I just want to see Gone with the Pope get finished! 8)

Agree with the following:

Roaring Fire


Massacre Mafia Style

Milano Calibro 9


Blood Splattered Bride (Dir. Vicente Aranda)

Dreadnaught (Dir. Yuen Woo Ping)

Party 7 (Dir. Katsuhito Ishii)

Top of the Heap (Dir. Christopher St. John)

Pandoora (Dir. Takashi Miike)

The Magician (Dir. Rex Ingram)

Queen Bee’s Challenge (Dir. Norifumi Suzuki)

Mondo Trasho (Dir. John Waters)

Naked Poison (Dir. Man Kei Chin)

Pierrot Le Fou (Dir. Jean-Luc Godard)

Cat in the Brain (Dir. Lucio Fulci)

Shaolin Challenges Ninja (Dir. Chia-Liang Liu)

J’accuse! (Dir. Abel Gance)

Cool Breeze (Dir. Barry Pollack)

Killer Snakes (Dir. Chih-Hung Kwei)

Blindman (Dir. Ferdinando Baldi)

The Toy Box (Dir. Ronald Víctor García)

Cannabis (Dir. Pierre Koralnik)

Barbed-Wire Dolls (Dir. Jess Franco)

Schramm (Dir. Jörg Buttgereit)

Candy Tangerine Man (Dir. Matt Cimber)

The Cut-Throats (Dir. John Hayes)

The Tough Guys (Dir. Umberto Lenzi)

Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (Dir. Chia-Liang Liu)

Milano Calibro 9

The Big Gundown

I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death

A Pistol for Ringo

Faccia a Faccia

Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder

Southland Tales

[quote=“Baby Stomper”]
Southland Tales

so do i. i know 4 people who saw it. 2 of them loved it, 2 of them hated it…

I want to see the rest of the apocalypse trilogy Prince of Darkness and Mouth of Madness…

I’m dying to see White Line Fever

Re-animator … and that hypnosis movie again… that was great

Blindman (Dir. Ferdinando Baldi)

Just found out that has this! Gonna watch it later on today. They’ve also got The Grand Duel (With it’s KILL BILL music), another one I’ve wanted to see. Make it a spaghetti western double-feature!

KISS meets The Phantom Of the Park

Blood & Black Lace

Rock & Rule

The Piano Teacher


2. Rolling Thunder

[quote=“Stuntman Mike”]
Rolling Thunder

You really need to see it