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Films Everyone Hates, But YOU Love

I think we all have films that we love, but it seems everybody else seem to hate these very films. I guess you could classify these films as guilty pleasures, but you may not be afraid to show and tell people you love The Matrix Revolutions, for example.

There are quite a few films that I love that a lot of people hate, but most of these films seem to be the ones I used to watch as a little kid, whilst I was sucking on a lollipop and pulling my sister’s hair.

It’s kind of tricky putting this here (you’ll know why as soon as I say it), but I’m gonna say Kill Bill, more specifically, Volume 2. It seems that almost everyone I know (all my friends and family) hate or at the very least, dislike the film. I have to admit, I didn’t like it upon first viewing, but it gotta better on all viewing thereafter. I think it is (when together with Volume 1) a masterpiece.

Others include:

[b]- Scary Movie 1 and 2

  • Jackie Brown (even fellow QT fans have bad words to say about this film)
  • Mafia!
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Star Wars Prequels
  • Godfather Part III[/b]

    Can’t seem to remember any more at the moment.

    So, your turn!!

I think most of the films I like, other people dont know about or hate…


  • forrest gump (are there people hating this?)
  • freddy got fingered! I dont know many people who like this one, most people hate it with a passion :stuck_out_tongue:
  • terminator I and II
  • first blood
  • bruce lee movies
  • versus

    I think there are to many :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know a lot of people that hate Forrest Gump.

Terminator fucking owns, who’s been hating on those films?

I also love Bruce Lee films, most of my friends haven’t seen any of them though. My dad is/was a big Bruce Lee (as well as a Jackie Chan in his old days) fan, and he introduced me to them. I love them, and my dad has got a whole heap of them on VHS. Bruce Lee films are part of my childhood, I will always love those films.

lol, I also have some old vhs copies from my uncle…he also bought rambo: first blood for like 120 euros on a german vhs back in the day…

bruce is in my blood…the man is ultimate coolness…and also a huge part and influence on my childhood…most people just ignore it and pass it off as stupid kung fu movies…

T I en T II, most people just like bashing anything arnold did,

well most people are stupid anywayzzz…

ow and Hong Kong John Woo movies are mostly also not very popular… :-</E>

Where i am no one really hates any of the films mentioned, but i am really sick of people paying out the star wars prequels. I like them!!! Oh yeah, and Kill Bill Vol 2 would have to be one, people just dont get it, they say they love the first one and then they dont love the second one.

With Mafia!, it is more of a case that people dont know it.

Oceans 12.

All my friends hate Citizen kane

Oh yeah, Ocean’s 12, good one. I liked that a lot, even more than the first one would you believe. Most of the people I talked to about it didn’t like it, and certainly didn’t think it was better than the first.

I think it’s as good as the first.

I saw it with a friend and I made him go see it again just because I thought it was ridiculous he didnt like it lol.

Did it work?

Asian stuff

Full Metal Yakuza (It’s in my Miike top ten, but no one else’s)

House of Flying Daggers (What I expected from Hero, I got from this)

Fallen Angels (I haven’t seen a better masterpiece from Wong Kar Wei yet)

Battlefield Baseball (Too bad I’m the only one that had a great time with it)

Hollywood stuff

Star Wars Prequels (Ok, besides the dialogue and wooden performances, Lucas always came back with a moment or two that made me love the movie)

Daredevil (Besides the already-dated soundtrack, I still think it’s one of the more satisfying comic/superhero-adaptations yet. In fact, there’s a sequence in here that I WISH Batman Begins had)

The Alamo (Great performance by Billy Bob. Great production and costume design. Good battle scenes. Great cinematography. Minimal inaccuracies…And everyone still called it the worst movie ever made)

U-Turn (I know it’s easy for everyone to hate Ollie Stone, but this flick gives me everything I want)

Last, but definetly not least,

Fistful of Dynamite-Waay too many people have this in the bottom of their Leone favorites. A damn shame.

I like most Jackie Chan films, but I even like he’s recent altra cheesy more western stuff (i.e. Shanghi noon/knights; Around the world; The Tuxedo, etc). I also liked I heart Huckabees, though everyone I talked to about it afterwars said they though it was boring…

The Pentagon Wars

Sahara - Minus the horrible soundtrack


Rumble in the Bronx

Black Cobra 3




I based my list on IMDB ratings. The first rating on the list is my rating, next comes the IMDB rating, and the last number shows the difference between my rating and IMBD ratings.

(My Rating ~ IMDB rating)…(difference between ratings)

It Could happen to you (10/10 ~ 6.2)…3.8

Game of Death 2 (8.5/10 ~ 4,8)…3.7

Mulholland Falls (9/10 ~ 5,8)…3.2

Just Married (8/10 ~ 5.0)…3.0

Freeze Me (9/10 ~ 6.4)…2.6

Heart of the Dragon (8.5/10 ~ 5.9)…2.6

Sada (9/10 ~ 6.4)…2.6

Jackie Brown (10/10 ~ 7.5)… 2.5

Andromedia (Miike) (7/10 ~ 4.7)…2.3

Last Hurrah For Chivalry (9/10 ~ 6.7)…2.3

Bringing Out the Dead (9/10 ~ 6.7)…2.3

Sister Street Fighter (8/10 ~ 5,8)…2.2

Princess Blade (8/10 ~ 5,8)…2.2

The Mask of Zorro (9/10~ 6,8)…2.2

Very Bad Things (8/10 ~ 5,8)…2.2

You Only Live Twice (9/10 ~ 6,8)…2.2

New Police Story (9/10 ~ 6,8)…2.2

EDIT: forgot Jackie Brown

EDIT 2: Added Bringing Out the Dead

Very Bad Things

Bringing Out The Dead



Four Rooms


Cabin Fever

The Desperate Hours (1955)



A Countess From Hong Kong (classic by definition)

Friday After Next

Godfather III

The Sheltering Sky

Joy Ride

Night and the City

Did it work?

not in the slightest.


Who hates die hard? Tell me now so I can kick their ass personally.

Is this kind of like the “guilty pleasure” topic? Or there’s a difference?

Is this kind of like the “guilty pleasure” topic? Or there’s a difference?

It’s different. A gulity pleasure is a film you know is bad, and you feel guilty for watching it. It’s the type of film you are ashamed to tell people you like.

A film you love, that everyone else hates on the other hand is a film you’d fight to the death for. It’s a film you are proud to like and can’t for the life of you understand why so many people hate it. It’s a film you think is great.

Oooh I get it. Happens with most David Lynch movies as far as I’m concerned. All my friends are like “What is this weird shit you recommended me?” And I’m like “Fuck you, you don’t know shit about films”. And they’re like “Vanilla Sky was much better than this crap”. And I’m like “Don’t ever talk to me again”.

Pulp Fiction [Everyone I knows fucking twelve or thirteen years old] Havent found 1 kid yet to bother to last 10 minutes after watching it over my place going “It’s too boring!”