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Filmmaker Age?

I want to publish my script to major Hollywood production company(Mirimax) at the bleak age of 17. How could I complete my new found goal in life? Is there a age requirment for filmmakers?

Sorry if this has beentalked about before.

Kind of sounds ridiculous. At 17 i thought everything i wrote was good too, but years later i realise most of everything i wrote back then was total shit. At 17 most would be scriptwriters are just beginning their craft. In most likelihood your script probably sucks too(your welcome to post it here for us to look at if you want, and prove me wrong). Keep at it for a few years, perfect the craft, take a course or something. Then think about selling it to Miramaxe.

Until then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Well lets just think hypothicticly and say I made a very good script. Do you think they would except it at my age?

Well lets just think hypothicticly and say I made a very good script. Do you think they would except it at my age?

Yeah they probably would, if that happens.

just get a good agent, or have your parents own the rights to it until you’re 21 then they can give you the rights to it

yea post the scripts and we’ll see

i wrote my first script and thought it was god, when i re read a bit after i was like…What The Fuck is this shit???[/quote]

that did happen once. I wrote a script when I was in the 7th grade and i looked back at it in the 8th grade and it seemed like some bullshit.

I’m 18 now and i think everything i write is crap…

I’m seventeen too. About a year ago I started on a screenplay that started out being about drug dealers, then I threw in this Korean assassin and I kept adding stuff to get it done quicker and it started getting a little confusing so I just stopped writing altogether for like three months. when i came back to it I was shocked at how much it just sucked, so I scrapped it. I got to page 70.

I’m working on other projects now. But I decided that I want to wait a while before I try to become a film maker, though that is my goal in life. So I enlisted in the army. That way I can have a few mroe years to refine my screenplays, maybe grow up a little bit, and then move off to LA.

But the main noe I’m working on now is panning out to be really great. But I’ve scrapped it and started over like ten times all ready. I keep changing my mind. So I’m thinking the extra five years will do me some good.

I say, keep re-writing it, then give it to ppl you trust, who are mature adults, or writers themselves (preferably one that wont steel your ideas). But if you think it’s good, I say go for it! There’s always a first for everything, and who knows, maybe whoever you (or your agent, which you should probably get) will really like it, and buy it from you, it might never get made, but who knows? :slight_smile:

Fuck hollywood. Go independant :slight_smile:

My advice: don’t blacklist yourself from Hollywood at the ripe age of 17.

move to Hollywood and you’ll go big for sure.

Seriously! Its just as easy as everyone thinks it is

don’t listen to them. Holywood is nothing but a bunch of phony fuckers. Go independant

make millions struggling as an art fag

[quote=“FILM NUT”]
Holywood is nothing but a bunch of phony fuckers.

Have you heard of this guy

Fuck independent films that are independent ON PURPOSE, I have no problem with an independent film that’s independent because of the shortage on money, but people who make independent movies just to make independent movies so they can be called independent movies are just a bunch of fags saying, look I’m an intellectual, I make shitty films that only other intellectuals will get because I’m not really intellectual, I’m just trying to look intellectual because hey, I’m a stupid ass wannabe intellectual Hahahaha, “Lets have a tea party! Yeah, and pretend we don’t like main stream movies like anything Jerry Bruckheimer makes, because as you know I’m a phony fucker and of course Jerry Bruckheimer is a sell out, stupid nonintellect unlike us, cause ya know, WE’RE PHONY FUCKERS.”

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I think that you should make what kind of movies you want to make. If you want to make a movie about 2 guys who have a 90 minute conversation at McDonald’s, make that movie. If you want to make a 3 hour action epic with shit getting blown up every 3 seconds, then do that. Since Hollywood films are such money makers, unless you’re already a top director (and even then), chances are you won’t have as much control over your movie compared to if you were making an independent film. Look at Quentin Tarantino. Miramax wouldn’t be who they are today without him. But they still gave him and his fans the short end of the deal, by splitting Kill Bill into 2 parts and deciding to release 32 hundred shitty barebone editions of the two volumes.