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Filming concerts (or small rock challenges)

hi everyone just wondering if anyone out there has ever filmed a concert?

we done one the other night with 4 cameras and a normal camera set to movie mode on the drum kit, one person was way up the back, one in a dj booth just off to the side of stage, one in the mosh pit at the front (there wasnt an area for photographers) and i was allowed on stage to film.

anyway to the point did anyone have trouble editing? we used the best audio from one of the cameras and synched in the other video tracks does anyone use a different method or can offer some pointers to make the editing process shorter or easier?

I think it is easier to record the audio with a microphone, not with a camera.

we are trying to get a mixdown from the engineer but he hasnt got back to us yet so we are just using the audio from the cameras

finidhed one band this morning still waiting on that mixdown thoughi think its turning out pretty good!

this is one of the songs from the video

damn i liked that song.

but this goes to show you that you never, ever record audio from a camera :frowning:

yeh we still are waiting on the mixdown >:( so im going to repost it when we have edited that in!

The bands glad that u like the song, thanks for the comment ;D

This is the other song that they played at the rock challenge