Female tarantino fans


When I went to London with my highschool, I ate 21 times at Mac D’s in 5 days…it became a sport…


When I went to London with my highschool, I ate 21 times at Mac D’s in 5 days…it became a sport…
euw, you’re fucking kidding me!? :-X there was actually a reason why, we had no time to spare and I also thought it would be less rude to fall asleep at McD than at some fancy restaurant :stuck_out_tongue:


That was just one of the many retarded things we did there…

I didnt eat like complete meals there every time…but just being there a lot…seemed very funny at the time, I dont really remember why exactly :stuck_out_tongue:


uhm… okay… :-X


I know! I havent been to a mac donalds in 5 years or so now…

I was 16 at the time…you HAVE to do retarded stuff…


okay, but even I wouldnt do that… shiat… :-X :stuck_out_tongue:


We didnt see ANY cultural things. We got kicked out of chelsea stadium, we just hanged out at sleazy bars watching champions league matches with the locals ;D

Plus there was Nobody else in the hotel but us, so we kinda owned the place…I made some pictures of people ending up in bed together, which they didnt really wanted to be reminded of afterwards…Haha! Suckers…


Another female Tarantino fan right here! I thought I’d go ahead and post here because someone was surprised today when he found out I like Tarantino movies. He was like, “What? No! Really? Really?” Is it really that shocking? Am I only supposed to like chick flicks or something? :stuck_out_tongue: Do any of the other ladies here get that? Sometimes guys make me feel like such a freak when they find out I like ‘guy movies’ (Tarantino, horror, action, etc.). :-[


Quentin iIS hot. He’s cool,has a marvellous personality and hm… that makes him quite sexy. And I really mean that,with the

capital S and everything. He’s cute too. I mean,just look at the way talks,walks,thinks and laughs… and not just that-his

Love towards film & music is stunning;it inspires allwright. Hell,he definitely ain’t no Clark G.,but don’t be fooled:he has his charm

and he’s goood with the ladies. Definitely agree with Dixie here.No doubt.

And they are more than one reason why they call him The Man …er,none of my friends seem to agree with me on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

*And now! the 64,000 $ question: WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PREFER?

IS it a) working on a screenplay with Quentin?

maybe b) starring in a movie made by Quentin?

orrr… c) being his boy/girl and makeing sweet love to Quentin?

…all three if possible 8) 8) 8)


Melina darlin’,join the club.

*but It’s not like that here though


Hey everyone, I’m Katherine - big Tarantino fan and female! Not sure what else to say…


Hehe, that’s ok :wink: I just remember that I only introduced myself in this topic. I hope you’ll like this forum anyway! :smiley:


Cheers. I’m still reading all the topics - there are quite a few! Are you allowed posting on any or are certain ones for certain members?


You are allowed to post on all topics


Thanks. Just clearing that up in case I deeply offended someone hehe.


Haha, don´t worry about that. We´re not an easily offended bunch :wink:


That’s good - I have the amazing talent of putting my foot in it at times! Just ignore me when that happens lol.


Haha, just have fun, and you´ll be ok :wink:


Absolutely, and you’ll have no problems with that. Very nice people here and fun things to discuss, not only Tarantino.


I am actually kinda glad there is somewhere to talk about QT - hardly anyone up here knows anything about him, except if they have seen Little Nicky which is hardly his finest moment!