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Aww! No-one has posted here in ages. I am off to find random girly-themed links to post!


Hey! i’m new to this site!but i got into tarantino’s movies when i was younger!-thanks to my family, i really love alot of his older stuff mostly, like Four rooms,true romance and Reservoir dogs is an all time favourite with me! its really quite sad though because only one other of all my girl-friends appreciate him and his work so there’s really not enough female appreciation where i live!! lol :slight_smile:


I became a Tarantino fan the first time I saw PF. It was just such a cool movie. The way the stories were told, the characters, the dialog. It was all so awesome that I watched it many, many, many times that first year I saw it. The ass raping scene was very shocking the first time I saw it, which oddly make me like it more. So, after watching PF so many times with me, my friend, Kevin, said, “If you like this you’ll love RD.” Boy was he right. Another fantastic flick. I loved QT’s Like a virgin speach, but I was in love with Mr Blonde! Total badass. So, since then, I’ve loved QT and all his movies and I have to read and hear everything he has to say. That’s why I’m so glad I found this site cuz I’ve learned so much about him.


Welcome girls! Hope you will enjoy it here! :smiley:


how you doin’ ? 8)


Welcome girlies! Good to seen some more XXs around here! Hope y’all enjoy your time here!


awsome! thnx :slight_smile:


Hehe, like you avatar Becky - I’m a big fan of the novel and the movie! (As well as a certain Mr. Depp!)


And i love your avatar Miss Mia! So funny, haha ;D


Thanking you Luxie! :smiley:

I chose it because it reminded me of my own cat who is constantly getting in fights with the loo roll!


Hahaha! Sounds like a funny cat! ;D


He is - except I have to buy a lot more loo roll than I usually need!


really? thts kl, i’m a hunter s thomson fan the guys a legend! johnny depp, ayy? good choice!!:slight_smile:


What can I say, I have good taste lol!


He is - except I have to buy a lot more loo roll than I usually need!

Haha, that sucks! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

What can I say, I have good taste lol!

Yes, you sure do! :smiley:


I can’t wait to go see Pirates of the Carribean 2 - a whole film of Pirate Johnny. Was I the only one who thought he looked gorgeous as a pirate?


I cant wait either! I agree, he is HOTTT as a pirate!


What a beautiful man. Even as a pirate! Look what you started! I am posting pictures for cryin’ out loud! :laugh:


He really is gorgeous. The man has such charisma and he seems really down to earth. How can you not love him?


He is really funny also! Which is plus points - beautiful, funny and charismatic - could you want more?! He is number one on my celebrity man chart (if you hadn’t already guessed!)

I think I may be developing a Pirate fetish. Not any old Pirate fetish, a Johnny Depp Dressed As A Pirate fetish! I am obsessed! I am beginning to sound like Louise lol!